Sean Miller: Beating Pressure Defenses


  • Create an offense to attack any pressure defense
  • Learn how to effectively get the ball into the half-court to initiate your offense
  • Give your players tools and methods for attacking pressure defense
  • Execute special late-game and out-of-bounds situations
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Sean Miller, University of Arizona Head Coach;
2014 Pac-10 Coach of the Year – 2x Pac-12 Coach of the Year;
2014 Pac-12 Champions – 2x Pac 12 Champs;
former Head Coach at Xavier, 3x A-10 champions; 2008 A-10 Coach of the Year
PAC-12 Coach of the Year Sean Miller covers everything you need to know to put even the best defenses on their heels! Combining footage from two clinics, Miller arms you and your players with aggressive methods for attacking pressure defenses.

Creating Space vs Pressure
Get insights on how to create space with change of speed, body contact, glide dribbling and change of direction to get the ball in bounds, open up the floor and create offense. In the Big-X Passing Drill, Miller simulates the chaos of half-court trapping defenses and works on attacking them in an organize manner by establishing simple rules for your players to follow.

Full Court In-Bounds Situations
Coach Miller takes you through full-court inbounds situations where you can and cannot run the baseline. Each scenario allows for three outlets to advance the ball up the court: sideline, middle, and the crackback. Miller’s aggressive approach spreads the pressure thin forcing indecision on the defense.

Whether you are facing a 1-2-1-1 or a 2-2-1 zone press, Miller’s press offense will get the ball inbounds and effectively into your offense. Down by one at the end of the game and need to go the length of the court for a basket? It’s covered here.

Attacking Pressure Zones
“Ping passing” keeps your players from over-dribbling against extended zone pressure. In Arizona’s “Logo” set, the offense moves the ball from side-to-side looking to get it to the middle of the floor and forcing the defense to make decisions. Miller teaches you his “Flood” concept which guarantees open opportunities for open layups and three-point looks.

Order this DVD today and get the methods you need to attack any full-court pressure or trapping defense!

Produced at the Spring 2011 Las Vegas and Tunica (MS) clinics

86 Minutes. 2011.