Alan Stein’s DeMatha Basketball: Conditioning and Agility



  • Increase your team's competitiveness and improve team chemistry with these fun conditioning drills
  • Learn to utilize basketball movements while simultaneously accounting for work to rest ratio to achieve the most out of your players
  • Over a dozen agility, reaction, and change of direction drills


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Alan Stein,
owner of Stronger Team;
Head Strength & Conditioning coach for the nationally renowned Nike Elite DeMatha Catholic High School boys basketball program; has worked with elite high school, college, and NBA players.
There is a difference between being fit and being in great basketball shape. Alan Stein takes it to the court to demonstrate a variety of agility and conditioning drills designed to increase players’ reaction speed and athletic performance.

Agility Drills
It is certainly important to be fast, however it is your ability to go fast, decelerate and quickly change direction that will make you effective on the court. Stein teaches and demonstrates over a dozen agility, reaction, and change of direction drills that replicate game like situations.

Team Conditioning
Break up the monotony of running suicides as a team conditioner! With these creative drills you can get the same work done (change of direction work in :28 to :35 second bursts) while keeping your players stimulated and using different running patterns.

With 11 basketball-specific conditioners, Stein conveys many ideas that can easily be modified or expanded to create a limitless number of drills and exercises.

Get the Agility & Conditioning DVD today and increase your team’s competitiveness and chemistry.

63 minutes. 2011.