All Access Xavier Basketball Practice with Chris Mack


  • Learn coaching techniques to get your players to compete consistently
  • Get insight into slowing down your opponent and keeping them in their half-court offense
  • Pick up multiple drills designed to get the ball into the paint via dribble penetration or post feeds
  • Learn ways to incorporate special situations into your practice
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Chris Mack,
Xavier University Head Coach;
2009-10 Basketball Times Rookie Coach of the Year,
2010 Sweet 16; tied the school record for the most wins ever by a Xavier rookie head coach (26).

With this all access pass, you get the opportunity to watch Chris Mack and the Xavier Musketeers build on their Sweet 16 performance from the 2009-10 season. This DVD contains the first four practices of the 2010-11 season. See what it means to do things “the Xavier way!”

Throughout the video, you will see the emphasis of competing every day, demonstrating box toughness, and working on the little details that will set your program apart. In addition, Mack demonstrates various transition drills on both offense and defense, half-court defensive drills focusing on closing out and “walling up,” and the breakdown of the ball-screen offense.

Pre-Practice & Warm-Ups:
Assistant coaches take the court with the players to get them loose both mentally and physically. Practices begin with the “daily dozen,” consisting of drills to attack the basket.

Defensive System:
Coach Mack emphasizes the packline pressure defense, keeping the ball out of the middle, relying on excellent help defense and communication. Learn how he builds his defense with individual and team defensive drills, highlighting drills designed on close-outs, building walls, closing all gaps, and jumping to the ball.

Rounding out team defense drills, Mack incorporates triangle block-outs and WAR rebounding to replicate game situations. Mack also gives his players a plan on how to defend middle and side ball screens, pin down screens and back screens

Transition Offense:
Teach your players how to put constant pressure on the defense with these transition drills. Watch the flow of the ball screen offense take shape in their 4-on-4 Baseline Touch drill, leading to many wide open three-point shot attempts and easy lay-ups.

Mack shares his ball screening continuity offense. This offense allows players to flow into ball screening situations on the side and middle while looking to get great drives at the basket and dribble drive kick outs. Getting the basketball into the post is heavily emphasized with this offense as players can ball screen and dive to get a deep pin inside the lane. Mack passes along some of his set plays that go into the flow continuity offense and side out of bounds plays.

Special Situations:
Learn Coach Mack’s philosophy in regards to jump ball situations, free-throw alignments, timeout huddles, low shot-clock situations, and sideline out-of-bounds plays. These concepts can guarantee an increase in efficiency for your team.

See what it means to play hard and compete at a championship level every season. Purchase this DVD and implement the techniques that Chris Mack teaches and you will see why he was the winningest first-year head coach in Division I in 2009-10.

462 Minutes.