All Access Maryland Women’s Basketball Practice with Brenda Frese


  • Sit in on over 8 hours of practice with Brenda Frese and her 2010 WNIT Tournament team
  • Get an “All-Access” look into Coach Frese’s program including coaching philosophy, warm-up drills, practice drills, team offense, transition play, and team defense.
  • Get an insider’s look at Maryland’s strength and conditioning basketball specific workouts both with weights, abdominal work, and improving functional body movement.
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Brenda Frese, University of Maryland Head Coach;
2006 National Champions

Assistant Coach David Adkins guides you through an in-season weight training workout. You will see the team performing an active warm up, incline press with lat pull down, power pulls with thera leg band extension, medicine ball drop with tricep pull downs, team abdominal workout with medicine ball. After completing this 30 minute segment, they head to the court for a 30 minute shooting workout. They focus on shooting technique while working out the soreness from the weight room, then they go into power jumpers, partner shooting using the Gun, and end the shooting workout with free throws.

Coach Frese begins each practice with a team warm-up and dynamic stretching segment that leads into “finishing school” where they emphasize finishing shots around the basket and footwork. They also work on transition offense by running 5-man weave back to 3-on-2 back to 2-on-1 as well as 5-4-3 flawless, transition recognition and position work. These drills are designed to improve communication, footwork, ball handling, passing and shooting.

Get an in-depth look at Coach Frese’s offensive system including transition offense, zone offense, press offense, and her half court offense-thumbs down and thumbs special. You will see how Frese builds her drills adding components and progressions while working on feeding the post. She also emphasizes the importance of getting shots up from spots in your offense.

Coach Frese shows you the defensive drills she uses to build her defensive system, as well as her match-up zone. See how Frese teaches stance, guarding your yard, closeouts, jumping to the ball, dribble contain, denial, defending ball screens, post defense and rebounding. See the build-up drills from 2-on-2 to 3-on-3 to 4-on-4 into the shell drill working on defensive principles in every segment. You will also get a look at their “22” press, which is a 2-2-1 press back to their match-up zone defense.

In these classroom presentations, Coach Frese talks about “Being a Leader.” She highlights 11 components she feels are important for a head coach in becoming an effective leader. These traits include creating energy, work ethic, building confidence, setting goals and more. A Q&A session covers a wide variety of topics including picking captains, working with a young team, the mid-year crunch of practices and more.

Assistant Coach Marlin Chin talks about the Maryland post player philosophy and development. He also takes you through some of their offensive set plays. Assistant Coach Tina Langley serves as the programs recruiting coordinator and discusses the NCAA Recruiting rules. She highlights the “what and when” of student-athlete contacts, permissible recruiting mailing materials, official visits and the NCAA clearinghouse. Coach Adkins finishes with another look into the strength and conditioning work they do during the season. These basketball-specific exercises were developed to give the players a total body workout while building the core using body weight movements.

Experience what makes Coach Frese one of the top coaches in the game. Use this DVD to incorporate her concepts into your program to give your team the edge for next season.

597 minutes.