130 Little Ideas to Make a Huge Difference


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This e-book contains 130 ideas that I have gathered over the years from various other coaches and implemented into our program to make those small changes that when strung together, make a huge impact on your program.

This eBook covers the 6 roles that all successful head coaches fill and how to maximize the time you spend on each area!

  • Role #1 …… Program Philosophy and Organization—Implement your philosophy in every area
    of your program.
  • Role #2 …… Individual Development—Develop the individual players’life skills,
    basketball skills, and mental toughness.
  • Role #3 …… Personnel and Roles—Select your program’s assistants, players,
    managers, assign roles to them, and keep them productive in those roles.
  • Role #4 …… Team Development—Develop a team by implementing systems of play
    that take advantage of your players strengths and doing intentional team
  • Role #5 …… Professional Development—For the entire coaching staff.
  • Role #6 …… Program Promotion—In your school and/or community.


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