Building Blocks of the Pack Line Defense



  • Defend and influence the shot selection of your opponent
  • Develop a defensive philosophy that will compete against the best teams on your schedule
  • Utilize the jump up, jump back and leverage seeking philosophies when executing defensive close outs and help rotations from offensive to defensive transition


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Jim Boone,
Delta State University Head Coach;
former West Virginia Wesleyan Head Coach;
has won over 400 games at the Division I and II levels, 2 Final Four appearances, 9 NCAA Tournament appearances
West Virginia Wesleyan head coach Jim Boone puts his 25 years of head coaching experience on display revealing his philosophy and knowledge of how to build and execute the pressure pack line defense.

This proven defense will keep your opponents off guard, force them into tough shots, and keep them out of the paint.

Coach Boone provides you with drills to maximize ball pressure, while sealing gaps against ball penetration into the paint area. Boone also gives examples of his “jump up, jump back” and “leverage seeking” close out drills which are highly effective for training the proper rotations of the defense. His 4-on-4 transition drill helps to guard against mismatches and improves on-floor player communication.

Coach Boone wraps up the DVD with a question and answer session covering topics such as defending the post and guarding great shooters from within the pack line philosophy. In addition, he shares insights on getting the most our of your players and on how to get them to buy into you, the system, and the mission.

Make your players “nasty” by installing this defense into your system. It is effective at any level and it will help you keep your opponents off guard and force them into tough shots by keeping them out of the paint.

63 minutes. 2012.