Bob Knight: Practice Planning and Drills for Mental Toughness


  • Teach your players to think and react in areas of team offense and defense
  • Save practice time using drills that work offensive and defensive skills simultaneously
  • Receive insight and philosophy from the legendary Coach Knight
  • This 2-DVD set features over 2 hours of instruction, and includes practice footage
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with Bob Knight,
former head coach at Texas Tech and Indiana University;
Over 900 career wins,
3X National Championship Coach,
Five Final 4 appearances; 4X National Coach of the Year;
1984 US Men’s Olympic Coach (Gold Medal)

In this two-DVD set, legendary coach Bob Knight demonstrates over 30 game-action drills to teach fundamental techniques and then brings it all together in 5-on-5 sets. Throughout basketball practice drills you will get a great sense of the perfection and high expectation surrounding Knight’s practices which all build toward mental toughness in your players and your team. These drills put your players under increasing pressure throughout practice to prepare them for game stress and fatigue. Knight includes ball handling drills, shooting drills, screening drills, and drills to prepare your team to beat your opponent down the floor. All of these drills are designed to work on offense and defense at the same time making them “economical” on your practice time. Building all of these “Part” drills into the “Whole” Knight demonstrates numerous team offense and defense drills. These drills allow you to work through your offensive sets at game speed. In addition, Knight demonstrates press offense drills that allows you to work against a full court press and a half court trap. From youth basketball to the pros, this basketball drills video will change the way you practice, coach, work with players, compete and win.

Main feature: 191 minutes. Bonus material: 31 minutes (2 DVDs). 2009.