All Access Michigan State Basketball Practice with Tom Izzo



  • Gain insight into how you can improve your practices and your team
  • Pick up a variety of intense practice drills that will elevate your team’s performance
  • Get coaching insights from one of the top coaches in the nation


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Tom Izzo,
Michigan State University Head Coach;
3x National Coach of the Year,
2000 NCAATournament Champions

This is your opportunity to sit in on three Michigan State men’s basketball practices! Watch from the sidelines as 3x National Coach of the Year Tom Izzo runs his athletes through warm ups, offense, defense, rebounding and more in preparation for the 2010-11 season.

In addition, you will experience a pre-practice meeting with Izzo and his staff as they break down practice footage and discuss the adjustments they need to make in their next practice.

Warm-Up Drills:
Each practice begins with individual improvement drills consisting of ball handling, full court passing drills to reduce turnovers, rebounding drills to train bigs to “attack the rim” and shooting drills. After the warm up period, Izzo runs the Daily Dozen drill focusing on hard attacking lay ups and attacking the basket. Throughout each practice, Izzo demonstrates ways to get a large number of shooting reps at game speed.

Transition Offense:
Izzo shares his philosophy for transition offense as he teaches his 3- and 5-man break drill. Izzo emphasizes staying wide on the court, attacking the middle of the floor with the dribble, taking advantage of post touches, screening away on the opposite wing, spacing and flowing into the flex continunity series.

Use Izzo’s 2 man rebounding, 3 man rebounding, and WAR drills to coach “Hit and Get” rebounding and attacking the rim with two hands. Included in the rebounding segments is transition work into 5 on 5 full court offense and defense that reemphaizes the previous transition drills and offensive schemes and promotes game like situations.

Izzo constructs his championship man-to-man and zone defense principles by breaking them down in individual and team defensive segments. See how Izzo builds his defense using drills for closing out, jumping to the ball, high and low post defense and more. Get insight into how he handles ball screens, the pin down screen and how he uses man and zone against double screen.

Using 4 vs. 3 and 4 on 4 shell drills, Izzo puts together his overall team defense which includes ball pressure, communication and consistent help side recovery.

Izzo’s staff then takes the players through individual team shooting working on catching and shooting, shot fakes, pull up jump shots off of the dribble and lay-ups. The post players begin their work with individual post moves featuring power moves, up and unders and turnaround jump shots.

Izzo ends practice with a review segment of his half court sets versus man-to-man and zone defenses. His arsenal of man offensive calls and zone offenses, which are run out of 1-2-2, 1-4 high and 1-3-1 alignments, allow great scoring opportunities for your perimeter shooters by coming off of multiple screens and post up isolations.

Imagine what it would cost for you and your staff to travel to East Lansing, MI for three days to watch these practices. Now, for only $119.99, you can watch three Michigan State practices from your own home or office and implement the drills and concepts that have sent the Spartans to the Final Four six times. Order now!

440 minutes (3 DVDs). 2010.