Establishing a Full Court Pressure Defense


  • Discover a full court pressure defense scheme that will disrupt, dismantle and demoralize opponents
  • Pick up drills that will help you establish a “culture of pressure” versus any opponent
  • Learn how to adjust to a variety of situations that may occur while utilizing pressure defense
  • Learn a rating system you can use in practice to teach players when to trap and what is a good trap
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Richard Pitino, University of Minnesota Head Coach,
2014 NIT National Champions in his first year at Minnesota;
former Assistant Coach at Louisville and the University of Florida
2014 NIT National Championship coach

Richard Pitino’s success is largely based in his signature style defense: full court man-to-man pressure. In this on-court presentation, Coach Pitino demonstrates how to disrupt opponents’ transition game and overall offense. From 3v3 to 4v4 to 5v5, players will learn and internalize the responsibility and accountability required to effectively dismantle your opponent with aggressive defense.

Coach Pitino breaks down his white press and blue press schemes. His “white press” is a man-to-man press that focuses on putting tremendous pressure on the ball, jumping to the level of the ball and looking for optimal trapping opportunities. His “blue press” allows the ball into the short corner where the first trap ensues. On the reversal back to the inbounder, who usually is a big and not the best ball handler on the court, Pitino’s trap forces the big to bring the ball up and make a mistake. During both of these demonstrations, Pitino talks about adjustments opposing coaches may make and simple counters to those adjustments.

Included in this video are multiple drills that build relentless ball pressure in the full court and half court. A build up series of drills from 3v3 to 4v4 to 5v5 demonstrate how Coach Pitino builds deeper understanding and a more aggressive defensive attitude into his players. “Scramble” is an effective drill that trains players how to cover the open man and continue to put pressure on the offense with active hands, while transitioning to the defensive end. Pitino guides you through every possible situation that your opponents will throw at you. Your defense will learn to establish pressure and fly around to create constant pressure.

In order to simulate the style of play and effort required to press, Coach Pitino gives you one of his favorite conditioning drills, “85 and 2.” This excellent full court drill prepares players for full court pressure defense.

Coach Pitino uses his full court mentality to create unconventional offensive possessions from opposing teams. With Coach Pitino’s blue and white pressure full court schemes, your opponents will be playing out of their element. Create a relentless attitude that creates unconventional possessions for your opponents this season.

51 minutes. 2014.