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This version of the full Read & React course is speifially tailored to youth teams and developing players. Read & React’s positionless system provides you with an opportunity to kindle an enjoyment of the game in your young atheletes as they learn to make intelligent decisions, play their best game, and develop the skills that will make them excellent players for years to come.

1  Youth Read & React: Getting Started0:02:27
2  Positionless Basketball Read & React0:01:48
3  How Positionless Basketball is Engineered0:07:08
4  Getting Started: The Format0:02:13

Layer 1

5  Youth Read & React: Pass East-West0:07:13
6  Action A: Cutting0:14:16
7  Action B: Filling0:14:27
8  Action C: Spacing0:27:52

Layer 2

9  Youth Read & React: Pass North-South0:04:52
10  Action A: Score on the Catch0:04:24
11  Action B: The Passer’s Opportunity0:03:31
12  Action C: Score After the Cut0:06:42
13  Action D: Perimeter Scores0:02:59

Layer 3

14  Positionless Basketball: Dribble East-West0:03:53
15  Action A: Dribble-At0:01:51
16  Action B: Double Dribble-At0:03:13
17  Action C: Dribble-At Draft Drive0:04:04
18  Action D: Double Dribble-At Draft Drive0:06:06

Layer 4

19  Positionless Basketball: Dribble North-South0:06:47
20  Action A: Perimeter Reactions0:06:09
21  Action B: Post Reactions0:03:54
22  Action C: Baseline Drive Reactions0:10:48
23  Action D: Offensive Rebounding0:19:26

Youth Read & React: Screens

24  Intro to Youth Screens0:01:52
25  Add This Screen After Layer 10:04:43
26  Youth Screens0:07:10
27  Youth Pin Screens0:08:59

Youth Read & React: Full Court

28  Youth Read & React: Full Court0:01:23
29  Action A: Random Transition0:09:17
30  Action B: Breaking Presses0:13:51
31  Action C: The Random Trap0:04:25
32  Action D: TIP: Get Open Back Court0:07:21
33  Action E: TIP: Finishing 2-on-10:06:54
34  Action F: TRAINING: Full-Court Trips0:08:48

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