The Secrets of the Pack Line Pressure Defense


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Features & Benefits

Stifle your opponent’s offense using one of basketball’s most effective defensive strategies

  • Learn how to quickly build the pack line defense in transition – even as your opponent tries to attack you
  • Get a series of breakdown drills to easily teach the pack line to your players
  • Add the concept of “tagging” on basket cuts to prevent easy baskets

Tony Bennett - Virginia Basketball Coach“Matt Woodley helped build our program when we worked together at Washington State and has a great mind for the game of basketball. His coaching experiences have given him a unique perspective on the game.”

— Tony Bennett
University of Virginia Head Coach,
CBS Sports “2015 Candid Coaches” Top Defensive Coach

with Matt Woodley, Iowa Energy (NBADL) Head Coach;
former Head Coach at Truman State;
former Assistant Coach at Washington State under Tony BennettDeveloped by the Bennett family, the pack line defense has proven to be one of the toughest defenses in basketball to crack. Matt Woodley spent three years as an assistant coach under Tony Bennett at Washington State and learned the ins-and-outs of the pack line defense and what it takes to make it work.In this presentation, Coach Woodley uses classroom sessions, on-court demonstrations and video instruction to not only break down and install the basic pack line defense, but also to demonstrate specific teaching drills and address almost every situation opponents will throw at the pack line. In this comprehensive video, Coach Woodley passes along his extensive knowledge, giving you everything you need to immediately implement the pack line with your team.Pack Line Defense – Questions Answered

This instructional classroom session is a valuable tool to help you understand how the pack line works and why defenders do what they do within the defense. Coach Woodley addresses the secrets of the pack line defense, defensive staples used in the pack line and keys to the defense. Each talking point shows how and why the pack line is one of the most difficult defenses to score against.

Pack Line Defense – Overview

This overview challenges a myth about the pack line: the belief that it isn’t a “pressure” defense. Coach Woodley explains the need to put pressure on the ball and other concepts necessary for success. He covers different situations that come up during a game and how your team can address each one. From ball screens, to transition defense and even turnover defense, you will get everything needed to develop the pack line.

Pack Line Defense – Breakdown Drills

Using on-court demonstrations and practice video analysis, Coach Woodley shows how to break down each concept of the pack line. Drills covering transition defense, ball screens, off-ball screens, post ups, closeouts and other actions are all covered.

Most man-to-man defenses require players to help and recover on closeouts. With the pack line, your players are only required to recover. Coach Woodley demonstrates three type of closeouts and how to defend specific actions used to attack the pack line.

The 4-on-4 Shell Drill is a staple in almost all practices around the country. Coach Woodley shows five versions of the Shell Drill that will help your team learn to defend against the different actions they’ll face in a game. Players develop habits of being closer to the ball than their man, jumping to the gap, and “tagging the cutter.”

Most instructional videos will give you a few valuable things to add to your practice or game plan. Coach Woodley gives you an entire defense! The teaching and information provided in this video is not only extensive, but also priceless if you plan on taking your team to the next level defensively.

192 minutes (2 DVDs). 2015.

This video was featured in the October edition of Midwest Book Review’s Wisconsin Bookwatch:

The Secrets of the Pack Line Pressure Defense is an instructional DVD concerning one of the most effective defensive strategies inĀ basketball. Expert coach Matt Woodley (former Head Coach at Truman State) teaches viewers how to learn the pack line defense. … On-court demonstrations, meticulous analysis, and extensive instruction distinguishes this “must-have” for any coach or basketball team determined to elevate their gameplay to the next level.