Knight School: Teaching Coaches How To Coach


  • Listen in as Bob Knight answers over 70 questions concerning successful coaching
  • Gain coaching wisdom and insight from one of greatest coaches in the history of the game
  • Get advice for working with players, parents, media, staff responsibilities and much more
  • SPECIAL BONUS: This DVD contains a FREE ebook, “Basketball According to Knight and Newell: Volume I”
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with Bob Knight,
former head coach at Texas Tech and Indiana University;
Over 900 career wins,
3X National Championship Coach,
Five Final 4 appearances;
4X National Coach of the Year;
1984 US Men’s Olympic Coach (Gold Medal)
In the unique presentation, Bob Knight answers more than 70 questions covering a vast range of topics concerning coaching and off the court responsibilities. Now you can improve your program by pulling ideas and concepts from this catalog of coaching wisdom.

A program’s success is not only about on-the-court production but also what is does off the court. Coach Knight gives you all of his thoughts and beliefs for building your team, staff and program. The topics Knight covers include:

How he developed his coaching philosophy
How to deal with players and parents
Determining team rules
Strength and conditioning
Calling timeouts in games
Staff responsibilities
Scouting reports
Handling injuries
Hiring an assistant
Marketing your program
Characteristics of a successful coach
Fund raising
Team bonding and goal setting
Dealing with other coaches at your school
Motivating individual players
Time management
Bench dynamics
Playing on the road
And much more!
This DVD contains a FREE ebook, “Basketball According to Knight and Newell, Volume I.” A $15 value!

This book, first published in 1973, contains insights on coaching from Bob Knight and Pete Newell (both won Olympic Gold Medals as coaches). Newell and Knight share their views on coaching philosophy, coaching methods, motivational techniques and how to better teach basketball. The book includes chapters on player handbooks, dressing room atmosphere, quickness, reaction, practice planning, and individual and team defense.

This DVD/book combination delivers an in-depth look at the philosophies, strategies and insights that made Bob Knight so successful. This may be as close as you’ll ever get to sitting down and talking basketball with Coach Knight!

121 minutes. 2010.