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This course is a must for any parent who has a child playing sports or who plans on singing their child up to play. Aaron has an extensive background in coaching and has two children who both play mulitple sports.  He will share with you the secrets of how to help your child enjoy playing and develop a life time love for team sports and competition.

Aaron beleives that there is no better teaching tool than team sports. Through inspiration, motivation and perspiration, the experienced, positive and passionate Aaron and staff help everyone become more successful both on and off the court.

Each section provides engaging information specifically designed to help the youth sports parent and their child have more fun, learn more life lessons toegther and get more out of the experience. Over 2.5 hours of relevant information!

“Aaron, your intro to the parent world of sports was very positive and made perfect sense. I only wish I saw some of the other parents from our team there. Although most are very supportive of their children and others some could have used the info you gave out.” Amber Miller, Baseball Mom, Los Gatos, CA

“Thanks again for your stories & experiences … I would love this Seminar to be a requirement of every Soccer League.” Gloria and Tim Zee Soccer Parents, Novato, CA

I really enjoyed the lessons. You did not preach at me, rather teah me in a way that I can put to good use. I beleive I will use it for sure in communication with my son. I am not only going to be a better sports dad… I am going to be a better DAD!  Stan Delivago, Basketball Dad, Napa, CA

“Our program has over 3,000 participants each year. Aaron and his staff have been an instrumental part of our success for over 8 years. Aaron does an amazing job of presenting topics in a manner that is engaging, entertaining and really hits home.”
Judy McNeil, President – Lafayette Moraga Youth Association

1  Aaron history03:49
2  Prepare your child04:39
3  What To Expect13:30
4  How to Maximize the Experience13:26
5  What is the Parents Role11:40
6  What Expenses Should Parents Expect04:49
7  What If You Asked To Coach10:54
8  The Journey By Ages07:12
9  How Best To Support Your Child’s Coach11:36
10  How Much Time Will This Take Each Week03:03
11  Managing Your Schedule For Practices04:24
12  Communicating Any Special Needs To The Coach06:11
13  Equipment Wants V Needs05:24
14  Pre & Post Game Conversations15:12
15  Game Day Parent Conduct11:06
16  Dealing With Competition12:24
17  Respecting The Game And The Opponents11:39
18  Dealing With Injuries07:54
19  What If Your Child Wants To Quit08:50
20  What If Your Child Is Truly Gifted At Their Chosen Sport09:32
21  Single Sport Vs Multiple Sport Participation07:59
22  What If You Disagree With Your Child’s Coach08:52
23  Dealing Officials08:46
24  What If Child Is Not Athletics07:14
25  Difference Between Recreational Leagues And Programs04:33
26  Girls Playing With Boys04:25
27  Playing On Travel Teams Or Year Round04:02

AaronLocksAaron LocksFounder and CEO at National Academy of AthleticsFollow

Aaron Locks has dedicated his life to helping players, coaches, parents and referees get the most out of participating in youth sports!

He is the CEO and founder of the National Academy of Athletics, Aaron Locks, has an extensive history of sports administration and instruction. Aaron grew up playing many team sports and as college basketball player he knows how to compete and what it takes to be a winner on and off the field of competition.

Aaron has spent the last 30 years working in sports. His background includes working with several professional organizations: Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A’s highlighted with his basketball training work with retired NCAA legend John Wooden. He has run programs for Pat Riley, Don Nelson, George Karl, Dusty Baker, Mike Dunleavy as well and the host of the Hall of Fame Rick Barry’s Basketball Fantasy Camp.

He officiated basketball for over 18 seasons and has been an NCAA basketball official for 11 years. He has trained high school and college Basketball Officials and is an observer for the Div. I West Coast Conference. He continues to give back to the game. He is the President of Superstar Invitational Basketball and was member of the American Basketball Camp Association. Aaron sits on the board of directors for the North Bay Catholic Youth Organization Basketball & is the Athletics Director of St. Rose CYO Basketball.

His passion for sport and what it has to offer both kids and adults has fueled his company to be the largest sports camp organization in Northern California. The quality of his camps and programs are based upon his belief that you must have the right combination of enthusiastic staff and quality instruction. Aaron has seen over 155,000 participants since his first camp in 1991. He is a proud father of two young children, Mason and Mia, who both play sports as well as many other activities.

Aaron has written 5 youth sports coaching books and is presenting his new Maximize the Youth Sports Experience series for youth coaches & for youth sports parents.