Advantage / Disadvantage Drills and Motion Offense Drills & Skills


  • Get drills and skills from Geno Auriemma and Bob Knight who have a combined 11 national championships and three Olympic gold medals
  • See five advantage/disadvantage situations you can use in practice to help your players master offense, defense and conversion
  • Train your players how to a simple shot fake to blow by a defender and create an advantage situation for your team
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with Bob Knight, former head coach at Texas Tech and Indiana University;
over 900 career wins; 3x National Championship Coach;
Five Final 4 appearances; 4x National Coach of the Year;
1984 US Men’s Olympic Coach (Gold Medal);
distinguished member of the Naismith Hall of Fame (1991)

with Geno Auriemma, 900 career wins – fastest coach to reach 900 wins;
2015 NCAA Championship Coach, winning back-to-back-to-back national championships (2013-15);
10x NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship Coach; back-to-back undefeated national championship seasons (2009 and 2010); five undefeated seasons; 8x National Coach of the year; distinguished member of the Naismith Hall of Fame (2006); over 30 Big East regular season and tournament titles

This is the third installment in the clinic by the Hall of Fame Coaches Bob Knight and Geno Auriemma. In this clinic, they cover more practice structure, individual and team work, drill development and shooting drills.

Advantage/Disadvantage is a big part of how Coach Knight teaches his players to play basketball. The disadvantaged team must work harder on defense and smarter on offense. He shares information that he used daily in practice to enhance the success of his players. With on-court demonstrations, Coach Knight shares the most difficult disadvantages he put his players against: 4 vs.5 and 5 vs. 4, 5 man change, 6 vs. 4, and no dribble. These techniques will make your players work harder and better understand how to react during a game. By using these techniques, your team will be better prepated and more effective when it comes game time.

Once players become familiar with Coach Knight’s disadvantage situations, they will be ready to master offense, defense, and conversion. Coach Knight discusses the importance of these aspects to the game.

In the next segment of this amazing clinic, Coach Auriemma uses on-court demonstrations to teach drills and skills needed to build a motion offense in your practice session. Every player needs to be able to pass, catch, dribble and shoot the ball – and so these skills must be practiced daily. Coach Auriemma puts players through a dribbling drill that works on attacking the defender and finishing a variety of ways at the basket. He uses shooting drills that incorporate getting open on the wing, using the shot fake to create better scoring opportunities, and practice your shooting technique and mechanics.

By using one of the most under-valued moves in the game, the shot fake, you can blow by your defender and create an advantage situation for your team. Coach Auriemma finishes the session by having players work on passing into the post with live defense. In this drill, he covers how the defense should defend the player passing the ball into the post, and what the offensive player must do to counteract the defense.

Produced at the Spring 2013 Chicago (IL) clinic.

89 minutes. 2013.