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Develop the skills you need to win games with this collection of basketball coaching videos from Marv Fox Jr. Meticulous Basketball focuses on developing the “Complete Basketball Player”. A Complete Basketball player should be to execute the “5 Pillars” of basketball ability.

The 5 Pillars of Basketball include the ability to:

– Dribble
– Pass
– Score  (efficiently and consistently from some are on the floor)
– Catch
– Move without the ball

The drills presented in the course function as concepts that you can modify to meet the specifications of your game. Every drill offers flexibility but will include a set of instructions and modifications to make workouts effective, customizable, and fun.

1  Backboard Trainer02:27
2  Derrick Rose Drill05:23
3  Joe Johnson Hesitation Step05:09
4  How to Get Past Defenders09:05
5  Pull-up Jumper Form Shooting08:18
6  Toss Back Drill04:21
7  Baseline Press Break Drill02:33
8  Pick N Roll Trainer05:13
9  Rebound Trainer Drill03:42
10  Stutter Step Two Ball Passing Drill04:53
11  Triple Threat Trainer08:30
12  Finishing Drill04:50
13  Tennis Ball Series02:06
14  The Wade Lebron slasher drill05:05
15  Screen and Pop Drill03:23
16  Transit Form Dribbling03:34

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Marv Fox Jr. played 4 years (2000-2004) for Concordia University – Ann Arbor, while earning a degree in Psychology. After graduating, Marv went on to work for Concordia in the admissions department. In addition to working for the University, Coach Fox also joined the men’s basketball coaching staff. After his 2 year tenure at the University, Marv went on to become a performance coach for Velocity Sports Performance (VSP). While working for Concordia University and VSP, Marv exercised his entrepreneurial spirit and created Meticulous Basketball