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Ganon covers the mechanics of shooting the basketball. If you use good form shooting will be easier and you won’t  have to shoot as many shots. Ganon covers where to hold the basketball,  where to look when shooting the ball, how to position your body and  proper release and follow through.

This video will show you how to really practice  your shooting so that it transfers to games. Most players just go out and go half speed, shoot a few shots, and think they are working out.  Take the drills from this video and in just an hour a day, you will have  a tremendous shooting workout that will actually make you better in  games.

Ganon  shows the Preps how to break down their shot to develop perfect form.  With Ganon’s unique drills, he’ll teach you how to properly warm up and  work on your shooting form. Many of these drills can even be done  without a basketball hoop so you can work on your shooting form when  all you have is a basketball!

1  Introduction & Mechanics04:36

Shooting Preps

2  Part 106:02
3  Part 206:51

Other Preps

4  Shooting on the Move Preps10:05
5  Shooting off the Dribble Preps05:29
6  Shooting Pros06:02

Shooting off the Dribble

7  Part 109:17
8  Part 207:28

Triple Threat

9  Preps06:01
10  Pros Part 107:29
11  Pros Part 207:40

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