Read & React Zone Attack


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Coach Rick Torbett is known worldwide for the development of the Read and React Offense, a system for implementing 5-player coordination without the use of set plays.  In this course, Rick Torbett will teach you adjustments to your teaching strategies when using the Read and React Offense when attacking Zone Defenses. As a Read and React coach, Coach Torbett does not want you to have to change from the Read and React actions that your team already knows. This course details how to take what your team already knows about the Read and React Offense and apply it to attacking zones. This course will cover strategies for how Rick Torbett would attack each type of Zone Defense. In addition, the course contains a comprehensive team drill library and detailed instructions on how to guide your team to implementing these actions from the Read and React Offense when facing Zone Defense.

1  Course Intro0:02:12

The Strategy

2  A0 The Strategy Overview0:02:52
3  A1 The Go-To-Move0:03:01
4  A2 The Counter-move0:02:00
5  A3 Incidental Opportunities0:02:05


6  B0 Go-To-Move Overview0:00:45
7  B1 Hunting The Nail0:07:15
8  B2 Feeding the Flank0:01:54
9  B3 Variations of Continuity0:13:18


10  C0 Countermove Overview0:00:37
11  C1 Who is Responsible?0:00:49
12  C2 Pin & Skip0:08:31
13  C3 Training Players to Execute the Countermove0:06:33

Incidental Points

14  D0 Incidental Points Overview0:00:56
15  D1 Dribble Penetration0:04:53
16  D2 Extra Shots0:03:35

Adjustments to Create 2 on 1

17  E0 Adjustments to Create 2 on 1 Overview0:00:54
18  E1 Dribble-Up & Pass-Back0:07:26
19  E2 Escape Dribble0:01:19
20  E3 The Pump0:01:24

Personnel Adjustments

21  F0 Personnel Adjustments Overview0:00:26
22  F1 The Weak-Side Flank0:01:56
23  F2 The Weak-Side Nail0:01:13
24  F3 Chances to be Clever0:01:49

Types of Zones

25  G0 Types of Zones Overview0:00:46
26  G1 1-3-1 Zone0:04:09
27  G2 2-1-2 or 2-3 Zone0:02:33
28  G3 1-2-2 or 3-2 Zone0:02:35

Drills & Practice

29  H1 Rehearsal 5 vs 00:02:31
30  H2 Add Shell Defense0:01:43
31  H3 Hybrid Games0:01:14
32  H4 Full-Court Trips0:01:10
33  H5 Nail-Flank Drills0:01:53
34  H6 Pin-Skip-Nail-Flank0:08:38
35  H7 Decision Drills0:08:29
36  Conclusion0:01:00

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