Read & React Offense: Variations


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To win a basketball game, you need to score. In order to score, your players need to be able to quickly read the defense, react immediately, and use the most effective move possible for that situation. The Read and React system ties these two man reads into a seamless offense that can be adjusted to any set, formation, type of player, or style of play.

Once you’ve mastered the framework, you can customize Read and React to fit your personnel and the style of play your team needs to be successful. The Read and React offense is the best way to do this because it is a principled framework that gives your players the tools they need to anticipate the actions of the defense and respond with the best possible move. It is a system that can be drilled to the point of habit.

It’s like jazz; the same rules are used throughout, but the songs always come out a bit differently (and keep the defense guessing).

In this course you get 3 hours, 27 minutes of video. You’ll see 28 variations that will add some additional dimensions to your Read & React, and your offense will continue to improve.

3 Out

1  CHOP: 1 High Post and 1 Low Post0:04:14
2  Three Sprint0:04:01
3  Blocker Mover0:10:50
4  Screen the Screener0:05:15
5  Advanced Post Slides0:04:16
6  High Low0:02:20

4 Out

7  The Advantages of Staying on One Side0:05:30
8  High Post Screens Wing or Corner0:09:09
9  High Post: Guard in the Hole0:06:32
10  High Post: The Utah Screen0:04:31
11  Dribble Drive0:04:07
12  Screen the Short Corner0:11:39
13  Four Sprint0:01:39
14  Four Shooter0:06:21
15  Four Close0:06:03

5 Out

16  Hunting Intelligent Drives0:10:21
17  Multiple Staggered Screens0:11:25
18  Power Dribble: Change of Speed0:04:37
19  Pass, Cut, and Post Change of Tempo0:02:54
20  Using Key Words to Control Actions: “5 Pound”0:08:55
21  Using Role I.D. to Alter the Action0:02:26
22  Five Close0:05:32
23  Variation and Ideas: For Operating the RR0:04:11
24  Quick Hitter “Jayhawk”0:02:35
25  Quick Hitter “Double”0:00:54
26  Quick Hitter “Iso”0:00:57
27  Quick Hitter “Power Twist”0:02:12
28  Quick Hitter “Dive”0:01:54

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