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The Player Development Solution.

Master the Table… Master the Game!

Skill Development Coach

1  HOW IT WORKS05:02
2  Why a Periodic Table03:17
3  Color Codes and Numbering01:01

Website Navigation

4  Setting Up Your Coach’s Account01:39
5  Skills Table Color Codes and Numbering01:01
6  Creating A Custom Coach’s Practice Plan07:57
7  Creating Custom Skill Regimens for Individual Players03:16
8  Modifying Your Rosters01:30
9  Assigning Weekly Workouts to the Entire Team00:30
10  Sending Skill Regimens to Players01:16
11  Follow Pre Made Practice Plans01:50
12  Following Pre Made Workouts01:23

Skills and Techniques

13  How the Basketball Skills Table is Organized05:55
14  Time and Score Skills Intro01:11
15  Strong with the Ball Intro02:05
16  Hardaway Crossover01:05
17  Wrong Foot Crossover01:04
18  Inside Pivot02:14
19  6 Basic Finishes01:11
20  The 6 Shots02:39
21  Fake Baseline Pullout Reverse00:59

RichWaltonRich Walton Founder at Skill Development CoachFollow

Rich Walton’s unique individual player development benchmark system actually forces players to practice for a purpose in order to improve upon their weaknesses. It is based on a pass/fail objective Skill Analyses, is extremely technical, and is the most effective way for players to train. The Benchmark System allows players to know EXACTLY what they need to practice in order to IMPROVE! And The Skill Assessments and Core Curriculum are based on different skill series’ that are age specific and implemented in a progressive sequence.