Read & React Boot Camp: Day 5


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Coach Rick Torbett is known worldwide for the development of the Read and React Offense, a system for implementing 5-player coordination without the use of set plays.

In this course, part 5 of a 5-part series, the women’s team from Emmanuel College was filmed experiencing the Read and React Offense for the first time. The series covers five consecutive days of two or more hours of practice.

The course teaches from a whole-part-whole perspective and shows the team going through diagnostic testing of playing live. All players are included in a full-court cut-throat format that will help determine which actions are “sticking” and which ones are not. This will determine what actions need to be worked on next. This testing will also help to determine which drills, how long to run the drills, and which areas of player development and defense to focus on.

1  Lesson 1: Day 5 Introduction0:02:09
2  Lesson 2: Transition Clean-Up0:08:00
3  Lesson 3: Transition Work Part A0:05:48
4  Lesson 4: Transition Work Part B0:08:57
5  Lesson 5: Transition Work Part C0:07:41
6  Lesson 6: Press Break Part A0:06:50
7  Lesson 7: Press Break Part B0:10:09
8  Lesson 8: Full Court Trips Part A0:09:09
9  Lesson 9: Full Court Trips Part B0:08:22
10  Lesson 10: FLOW Cutthroat Part A0:06:09
11  Lesson 11: FLOW Cutthroat Part B0:07:56
12  Lesson 12: FLOW Cutthroat Part C0:09:54
13  Lesson 13: FLOW Cutthroat vs Zones Part D0:17:34
14  Lesson 14: FLOW Cutthroat vs Zones Part E0:10:09
15  Lesson 15: Conclusion0:10:29

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