Read & React Boot Camp: Day 2


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Coach Rick Torbett is known worldwide for the development of the Read and React Offense, a system for implementing 5-player coordination without the use of set plays.

In this course, part 2 of a 5-part series, the women’s team from Emmanuel College was filmed experiencing the Read and React Offense for the first time. The series covers five consecutive days of two or more hours of practice.

The course teaches from a whole-part-whole perspective and focuses on 2-player and three-player drills of the first four Layers, because without at least a basic working knowledge of the foundation of the Read and React Offense, we cannot explore the screens and decisions that must be made while players are in motion. However, we begin to add the basics of Attacking Zones and introduce the team to Hybrid Drills.


1  Lesson 1: Day 2 Introduction0:02:06
2  Lesson 2: Review Layers 1-4 with Drills0:13:23
3  Lesson 3: Layer 4 Basic Post Slides0:20:55
4  Lesson 4: Layer 4 Baseline Drives0:06:19
5  Lesson 5: Shuffle the Deck Layers 1-30:06:32
6  Lesson 6: Shuffle the Deck Combo: Dribble-At + Laker Cuts0:02:14
7  Lesson 7: Layer 4 Bounce-Off Drill0:06:06
8  Lesson 8: Shuffle the Deck Combo: Baseline Drive & Post Slides0:05:46
9  Lesson 9: Layer 4 – Baseline Drive 3 OUT 2 IN0:05:43
10  Lesson 10: Explanation of Spots0:04:04
11  Lesson 11: Water Break: Discussion of Big Picture Plans0:03:03
12  Lesson 12: Introducing Zone Offense0:06:42
13  Lesson 13: Zone Offense Buddy System0:04:18
14  Lesson 14: Zone Offense Customizing Cutters0:07:59
15  Lesson 15: Zone Offense Scrimmage0:08:08
16  Lesson 16: Zone Offense Hook & Look0:09:38
17  Lesson 17: Going Deeper Into Layer 10:07:05
18  Lesson 18: The Read Line Drill0:09:09
19  Lesson 19: Double Dribble-At Drill0:06:13
20  Lesson 20: Deflection Game for Layers 1 & 30:09:56
21  Lesson 21: Teaching Points0:06:27
22  Lesson 22: The Hybrid Game Part A0:09:13
23  Lesson 23: The Hybrid Game Part B0:05:37

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