Open Practice with Jim Larranaga: Ball Screen Offense


  • Discover 15 different ways to use the ball screen effectively in your offense
  • Learn how to integrate ball screens into your transition offense to take advantage of the defense before their help arrives
  • Learn how to create “isolations” to enable your best guard and best post player to work on the same side of the floor
  • Discover a “zipper” set for creating multiple scoring chances for your guards and post players
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with Jim Larranaga, University of Miami Head Coach;
2013 ACC Coach of the Year, 2013 AP College Basketball Coach of the Year, 2013 ACC regular season and tournament champions,
In this terrific inside look into Jim Larranaga’s playbook, you’ll see the many different ways that he uses the ball screen within his offense at the University of Miami. While most coaches know how to defend a simple ball screen, multiple ball screens from different angles can keep the defense constantly in flux trying to figure out how to cover each angle.

No angle is left unchecked as Coach Larranga starts in transition and ends with screens that allow post players to score around the rim. With each screen situation, you’ll get three scoring opportunities: point guard getting to the rim, hitting a 3-point shooter, or hit one of your post players for an open look.

Using whiteboard diagrams, Coach Larranga opens up his presentation with screening action in transition and in the secondary break. His explanations of each screen, cut and setup prepare you for things to come. By using three different actions, opponents will be left searching for answers to stop your attacking offense in the full court. Moving into the half court, you’ll learn how to create space in the post using a ball screen along with isolating your best post player and wing player on one side for a two-man, game-scoring threat. Rounding out the half-court options, you’ll get actions that include double ball screen, flat ball screen in the open court, and the popular “NBA horn” set. Walking you through all the options, Coach Larranga explains what the offense is looking for and how to counter when a defense takes away the first option.

Once you have mastered visualizing your ball screen sets, Coach Larranga uses on-court practice demonstrations to teach the basic installation of the ball screen offensive system. You’ll learn 13 different set plays that utilize the ball screen actions the Coach Larranga drew on the whiteboard discussion earlier in the presentation. He draws up 5v0 and 5v5 situations so your players understand how to read and react off of the screen. As a bonus feature, you’ll learn the “zipper” action that’s also popular in the NBA today and how to incorporate the action against a live defense.

Teach your players how to use the ball screen correctly and confuse your opponents by setting and using ball screens from all different angles on the court. This is a must-have DVD for any level of coach looking to improve his knowledge and understanding of the ball screen offense.

71 minutes. 2014.