MVP Training: Basic Point Guard Skills & Drills with Derrick Rose


  • Learn to play fast and in balance at the same time
  • Learn how to gain separation from a defender, play through contact and score in the paint
  • See the workout drills Derrick Rose uses to improve his shooting range
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with John Calipari,
University of Kentucky Head Basketball Coach;
2x Naismith College Coach of the Year Award winner;
featuring Derrick Rose,
Chicago Bulls point guard,
2010-11 NBA MVP, 2008-09 Rookie-of-the-Year

and Rod Strickland,
former professional point guard (17-year career)

Learn the skills, drills and mental concepts that have helped Calipari-coached point guards like NBA Rookies of the Year Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans and 2010 First Team All-American John Wall.

For the first time ever on DVD, John Calipari shares the skills and drills he uses to train championship-caliber point guards. Watch as Calipari coaches Derrick Rose and Rod Strickland through a workout, showing you each drill and giving you a first-hand look at what it takes to improve your game.

The Skills – Ball handling, being a scoring threat, passing angles, free throw shooting and on-ball defense.
The Drills – Drills to practice shooting, playing fast with the ball, transitioning from the catch to the dribble, and stopping dribble penetration.
The Mental Game – Developing a confident swagger, leadership, team before self mentality, mental toughness, and knowing what motivates you.
As a point guard, you have to be a scoring threat at all times. Improve your ball quickness and hand-eye coordination, develop a “go to” spot on the court where you know you can get a basket, and learn to play through contact, finish strong and score. In addition, Derrick Rose shares a favorite drill he uses to improve his shooting range.

To be a great point guard, you have to be able to guard the ball. Learn three key areas where you can improve your on-ball defense immediately.

What would it be like to sit down with two great NBA point guards and talk basketball? This is your chance! Sit in on an in-depth discussion between Calipari, Rose and Strickland on the intangibles of point guard play. Learn how these outstanding point guards developed their game to the highest level – the NBA.

Coaches: The skills and drills presented in this DVD will provide you with coaching cues and techniques for training and developing your point guards. These drills and concepts can be implemented into your players’ workouts or they can be performed by your players on their own.

This is the definitive skills development DVD for point guard play!

85 minutes. 2010.