Explosive Basketball Quickness & Agility


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SPORTAMERICA teams up with SPEED QUEST, the #1 speed training system! A simple and effective program to develop increase quickness and agility athleticism in any player. Gain greater quickness through core development and multidirectional agility. Develop change of direction movement, quicker reflexes, short burst explosion, and other skills that will make you a better all-around athlete! IMPROVE your skills…and EXPLODE on the court!

1  Intro00:37

Agility Drills

2  Jump & Stick02:10
3  Quarter Eagles01:03
4  Balance Pick-Up Game01:18
5  Skip & Crossover00:56
6  Carrioca00:54
7  Drop Skip00:46
8  Linear-Lateral Run & Slide02:23
9  Crossover to Run-Slide01:37

Quickness Drills

10  Jump Rope02:55
11  Quick Skips02:55
12  Line Drills02:09
13  Turn Ons01:11
14  Ball Drops01:57
15  Free Jumps and Hops01:55
16  Box Jumps and Hops02:30
17  Obstacle Jumps & Hops03:09

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Speed Quest Instruction, Inc. provides explosive movement training to athletes of all sports from beginners to the pro’s, with an emphasis on sport-specific performance. At Speed Quest, we are dedicated to helping coaches and athletes with all of their speed and movement needs. We offer athletic training programs for most sports, the highest quality speed training equipment, comprehensive books and videos, and personalized speed instruction.

Education is the most important tool you can use in any training program. At Speed Quest, we want you to have the information you need to reach your goals. Equipment does not necessarily make better athletes. Excellent technique and skill development combined with equipment can make a huge difference. You can rely on us for free educational information through our newsletter and training tips, and support if you do choose to purchase products. Since 1995 our goal has been to provide you with the most cutting-edge training information available. We wish you the most explosive success!