Dominating Basketball Play 40 Skill Drills


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Increase athleticism and performance through SKILL DRILLS! BADEN BASKETBALL proudly presents the BASKETBALL DOCTOR, basketball’s #1 skills clinician! Learn these 40 drills designed to be run circuit style while using 30, 60, or 120 second intervals for warm-up before rotating stations. Development drills for offensive, defensive, athletic, motor, shooting and scoring skills. All drills are related to “game situations” to increase court play & athleticism. Increase team performance in only 10 minutes a day while warming up!

1  Introduction04:30

Scoring Skills

2  Mikan Drill01:15
3  Layup Drill01:53
4  Jump Hooks01:04
5  Jump Shots01:44
6  Jab, Step Back, Shot00:55
7  Power Drop Steps01:11
8  Sky Hooks01:00
9  V-Shot Movement Short Corners00:42
10  V-Shot Movement Bank Shots00:58
11  V-Shot Movement Foul Line Corners00:57

Ball Handling

12  Scissors00:16
13  Circles01:14
14  Rhythm Drill00:30
15  Flip Drill00:22
16  Flop Drill00:17
17  Figure 8’s00:25
18  Stationary 1 Bounce Drill00:19
19  Stationary 2 Bounce Drill00:20

Defensive Drills

20  Jump Rope00:49
21  Target Jumping00:41
22  Wall Jump00:43
23  Arm Leg Thrust00:32
24  Explosions00:33
25  Leg Thrust00:39
26  Good Hands Drill01:01
27  Superman Drill00:40
28  Defensive Slide and Box Drill00:36
29  Defensive Lane Slide00:46
30  Shadow Defensive Slide00:35

Dribbling & Passing

31  3 Point Bounce00:55
32  Right Hand, Left Hand00:48
33  Between the Legs Dribble00:38
34  Shuffle Dribble00:56
35  Dance Dribbling00:36
36  Bounce Pass00:36
37  Chest Pass00:37
38  Drive and Dish00:47
39  Draw and Kick00:58

Conditioning Drills

40  Quick Step00:52
41  Quick Feet Drill00:23
42  Quick Feet/Side Step Drill00:39
43  Side Step Drill00:22
44  Lateral Slide Drill00:29
45  Leg Ladder Drill00:26
46  Line Jump Drill00:46
47  Skip Step Drill00:37
48  Backwards Run Drill00:33

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The Basketball Doctor, Coach John Scott, has been a High School, College and professional basketball player as well as a High School, College and Professional Basketball Coach. With the Basketball Doctor, learn what it takes to be an All Star Player