Defensive Tactics & Techniques and Defending Screens


  • Learn 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 breakdown drills for building the half-court man-to-man defense
  • Get in-depth instruction on how to use trapping, hedging, and icing the ball handler to defend the ball screen
  • Listen in on a question-and-answer session with two of basketball’s legendary coaches: Bob Knight and Geno Auriemma
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with Bob Knight, former head coach at Texas Tech and Indiana University;
over 900 career wins; 3x National Championship Coach;
Five Final 4 appearances; 4x National Coach of the Year;
1984 US Men’s Olympic Coach (Gold Medal);
distinguished member of the Naismith Hall of Fame (1991)

with Geno Auriemma, 900 career wins – fastest coach to reach 900 wins;
2015 NCAA Championship Coach, winning back-to-back-to-back national championships (2013-15);
10x NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship Coach; back-to-back undefeated national championship seasons (2009 and 2010); five undefeated seasons; 8x National Coach of the year; distinguished member of the Naismith Hall of Fame (2006); over 30 Big East regular season and tournament titles

This is the final installment from the Bob Knight and Geno Auriemma clinic series. In this title, the two Hall of Fame Coaches concentrate on defense before finishing with a Q-and-A session with their audience,

Coach Auriemma demonstrates the “Connecticut way” of defending screens, and uses on-court demonstrations to give a detailed look at other possibilities for defending a ball screen. Starting with the trailer screening out of transition, you see how to defend a high ball screen and ball screen from the wing. You’ll also see late-game situations that will make you think about your ball screen philosophy at the end of a game.

As Coach Auriemma gives you every look that an offensive player will use as they come off the screen, he provides a way to defensively attack the ball handler as they come off the screen. As you develop your ball screen defense, Coach Auriemma gives you late-game situations that force you to think about how you want to defend a ball screen in the half-court whether you are up, down, or tied late in the game.

Using on-court demonstrations and drill work, Coach Knight covers 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 drills that can be used in practice to utilize the entire team and instill your defensive philosophy into your players. Coach Knight starts in the full-court with an offensive rebound and guides you through techniques and concepts that can be used to pick up in the half court. Whether you want to press or just pick up at the volleyball line, Coach Knight emphasizes simplicity and execution when planning and building a defense. He demonstrates the single most important concepts in half-court defense: help and recover.

At the end of the instruction, Coach Knight and Coach Auriemma share their wisdom, knowledge, and experience in a question-and-answer session. On topics ranging from calling timeouts to practice philosophy to communicating with players to breaking down film, Coaches Knight and Auriemma share the wisdom and insight they have learned in their illustrious careers as two of the most successful basketball coaches to ever lead the game.

Produced at the Spring 2013 Chicago (IL) clinic.

108 minutes. 2013.