Centers Roles & Responsibilities


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Basketball:  Become a BIGGER and BETTER Center by learning your Roles & Responsibilities! BADEN BASKETBALL proudly presents the BASKETBALL DOCTOR, basketball’s #1 skills clinician! Learn 10 lessons and more than 50 teaching tips on how to be the last line of defense. Be the player teams go to for a big basket, and what your responsibilities are in every game situation. Learn the lessons needed to play this dominating position, how to control the trenches and tempo of every game, and why your role is key to the success of your team!  Increase your stats by improving your skills!

1  Introduction03:26
2  Offensive Responsibilities06:38
3  Defensive Responsibilities05:30
4  Free Throw Responsibilities01:44
5  Rebounding Responsibilities03:00
6  Fast Break Responsibilities02:18
7  Out of Bounds Responsibilities03:04
8  Leadership Responsibilities03:17
9  Skill Areas Necessary03:17
10  In-Season & Off-Season Prep02:22
11  Final Thoughts03:37

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The Basketball Doctor, Coach John Scott, has been a High School, College and professional basketball player as well as a High School, College and Professional Basketball Coach. With the Basketball Doctor, learn what it takes to be an All Star Player