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Better Post Play starts with the fundamentals of playing in the post, then builds to advanced techniques. In these instructional training videos, you will learn from the best about scoring in the post and how to get open. You’ll hear the details about the mentality you need to excel on the block. These online training videos total 2 hours, 41 minutes in length.

That’s not all, though! You also get two Bonus sections, one with Jermaine O’Neal and one with Tamika Catchings! When you watch these sections, you will learn the valuable insights these players have used to stay at the top of the game and become valuable resources to their teams.

1  Introduction0:03:58
2  Philosophy0:03:14
3  Fundamentals0:04:05
4  Staying Open0:05:35
5  Getting Open vs Zones0:03:23
6  Getting Open vs Man to Man]0:09:17
7  Scoring Before you get the Ball0:05:48
8  Airtime Advantage0:05:10
9  4 Moves0:07:09
10  Pro Stance0:04:17
11  The Extremes0:04:21
12  Just the Moves0:04:58


13  Jermaine O’Neal – Techniques for Playing Inside0:03:26
14  Jermaine O’Neal – Techniques to get Open0:04:52
15  Jermaine O’Neal – Techiques vs a Bigger or Smaller Opponent0:07:00
16  Jermaine O’Neal Demonstration – Part 10:06:09
17  Jermaine O’Neal Demonstration – Part 20:05:02
18  Jermaine O’Neal Demonstration – Part 30:05:03
19  Jermaine O’Neal Demonstration – Part 40:06:49
20  Jermaine O’Neal – Philosophy – Team Building and Championships0:04:57
21  Jermaine O’Neal – Philosophy – Training and Motivation0:06:52
22  Jermaine O’Neal – Philosophy – Game Day Routine0:07:09
23  Jermaine O’Neal – Blocking Shots – Positioning to Block Shots0:04:32
24  Tamika Catchings – Where is the Game Headed?0:06:30
25  Tamika Catchings – Off-Season Training0:06:46
26  Tamika Catchings – Stopping a Great Player0:07:15
27  Tamika Catchings – Playing Overseas0:04:18
28  Tamika Catchings – Favorite Triple Threat Move0:05:05
29  Tamika Catchings – Adapting a Perimeter Game to the Post0:07:29

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