Scott Drew: Improving Performance with Competitive Practice Drills


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Features & Benefits

Add competition to all of your practice drills to maximize the effort and focus of your players

  • 15 competitive drills that will help your players perform under pressure on game day
  • Create team unity by ramping up competition in practice
  • Enhance your players’ ability to hit big free throws using practice drills that pressure the shooter
with Scott Drew,
Baylor University Head Coach; 2013 NIT ChampionsMotivating players to consistently work their hardest and focus throughout the season is a challenge every coach experiences. To sustain that level of energy in his practices, Scott Drew has incorporated competition into everything he does.This video covers 15 drills and variations that will take your practices from routine to highly competitive. You’ll learn how to incorporate Coach Drew’s tactics into defensive, passing, rebounding, and free throw shooting drills. Coach Drew talks and demonstrates how to put your weakest and strongest players in situations that makes them raise their level of competitiveness while enabling them to improve their skills.Defense

Any team defense is stronger when the group is comprised of individuals who are all great 1-on-1 defenders. Coach Drew shows you four drills that will get your players to strengthen their on-ball defensive abilities. You’ll see how to use Superman Closeouts to challenge your players into getting consecutive stops while refining their closeout technique. Two more drills improve your defenders’ ability to guard the ball the full length of the court.

Coach Drew also demonstrates three variations of his Competitive Zig-Zag drill that elevate this classic practice drill to new levels of intensity. This will improve the lateral explosion of your players and teach them how to keep the ball in front of themselves on defense.

One drill has players working as a team defense to fight through multiple types of screening actions. This drill is the perfect way to engage your team during a walkthrough of your opponent’s set plays. With a competitive element added to these drills, you’ll always have your players work hard to get in their stance and D up!


Two competitive passing drills will motivate your players to focus both offensively and defensively. Your players will learn how to be strong with the ball, maintain court vision, utilize ball fakes, and quickly fire off clean passes. Defenders will elevate their ball pressure by tracing the ball, forming traps, and anticipating where the next pass will go as an interceptor.


Coach Drew shows two rebounding drills that will develop the skills and mindset needed to dominate the boards. Numbered Rebounding challenges your players to block out and secure consecutive rebounds.

When there is no room for failure, your players will put everything into each drill to be successful. See how Coach Drew uses a point system with the Circle the Wagons drill that gets your whole team on the floor with 5-on-5 competition.

Free Throws

Close games always seem to be determined by free throw shooting. Coach Drew shows you how to translate these pressure situations into your practices with four competitive free throw drills. By implementing goals the player has to beat, you will maximize their focus at the line to knock down critical shots. These pressure drills will show you who needs to be on the floor at the end of games to help secure the victory.

Get the most out of your players with competitive practice drills. Your players will practice like it’s a game when they know victory is on the line! This constant game-like atmosphere will help your players improve faster and make your season more enjoyable.

“Coach Drew does a fantastic job explaining drills for a variety of concepts that I can use in my practices. Even on the drills I’ve seen in the past, Coach Drew offers plenty of new ideas to take these drills to the next level. This a great video for any coach.” – Customer Review

Produced at the Spring 2015 Overland Park (KS) clinic.

81 minutes. 2016.