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Not only are there different levels of basketball shooting drills, but there are also different types of shooting drills to work on; shooting off the dribble, shooting from the triple threat position, shooting off of a down screen, etc. If you are serious about working on your shot as a player, or in finding some great basketball shooting drills for your team to use as a coach, than you are in the right place. Basketball Shooting Drills for Coaches Finding the right drills for your players to use can sometimes be a hassle because you want to keep your material fresh and challenging for your players. Our shooting drills cover a lot of different areas and skills. We also offer different drills for different group sizes and that can be a big help if you are limited to space and a certain number of hoops. We are constantly adding new shooting drills as well, so you will always be supplied with new material to use. If you are a youth basketball coach I would caution doing any of the shooting drills with players that are not strong enough to shoot with the correct form. Using a smaller basketball and a shorter hoop will help, but make sure to keep the players inside a range where they can practice shooting with good form. Basketball Shooting Drills for Players Going to a gym and shooting jumpers at half speed by yourself or with a friend is not going to accomplish very much. You need basketball drills that are going to challenge you and make you a better player. Look through these shooting drills and find some good ones that work for you. Basketball HQ is also mobile friendly so you will be able to take us to the gym with you on your smartphone or tablet, it will be like having a coach in the gym with you. Here are all the tools that you need to accomplish your basketball goals.

1  Backboard Touch Shooting Drill02:08
2  Form Progression Basketball Shooting Drill03:46
3  Georgetown Warm Up Shooting Drill01:19
4  Mid Range Curl Shooting Drill01:24
5  Movement 3 Point Basketball Shooting Drill02:33
6  Star Drill with Mid Range Shots01:08
7  X Out Shooting Drill01:28
8  100 Point Shooting Drill02:30
9  2 Minute Magic Shooting Drill02:45
10  2 3 2 Shooting Drill02:14
11  20 Point Partner Shooting Drill03:06
12  7-5-3-1 Three Point Shooting Drill03:11
13  Around The Horn Three Point Shooting Drill01:50
14  Beat The Pro 3 Point Basketball Shooting Drill02:09
15  Championship Shooting Drill04:12
16  Ray Allen Curl Cut Shooting Drill03:42
17  Ray Allen Straight Cut Shooting Drill03:35
18  Ray Allen Fade Cut Shooting Drill04:16
19  Reaction Inside Pivot Shooting Drill02:35
20  Side Step Shooting Drill01:47

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All of these basketball shooting drills are in high quality video and text format, and every drill is instructed by expert basketball coaches and trainers that have worked with NBA, College, high school, and youth level players. So whether you are wanting to learn the proper way to shoot a basketball, or you want do the shooting drills that they do in the NBA you will find what you are looking for.