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Better Basketball first gained its notoriety with Rick Torbett’s player development series which cultivates the fundamental skills of basketball.

This course is for you if you are a:

* a player looking to develop a consistent, repeatable jump shot, or

* a coach seeking an extremely detailed, easy-to-follow shooting curriculum for training players (beginners through more experienced).

In this course, Coach Rick Torbett works with two different teams of high school players to develop “Rapid Skill Acquisition”. Coach Torbett teaches techniques needed for a great shot. In almost 5 hours of intense guidance the players train completely through the shooting process, beginning before the shot is taken and continuing through the actions following the shot.

Coach Torbett provides clear-cut analysis, instruction, and demonstration of the principles of a great shot. Additionally, he supplies all the resources needed to track player success and development. Using these resources, coaches will be able to target weaknesses and develop strengths, with the goal of building confident players.



1  Shooting Course Preview0:03:13
2  Week 1 Part A0:19:09
3  Week 1 Part B0:17:12
4  Week 2 Part A0:14:11
5  Week 2 Part B0:16:33
6  Week 2 Part C0:16:59
7  Week 3 Part A0:19:24
8  Week 3 Part B0:11:34
9  Week 3 Part C0:18:45
10  Week 40:17:03
11  Week 50:17:54
12  Week 60:17:55
13  Week 70:19:48
14  Week 8 Part A0:15:42
15  Week 8 Part B0:12:26
16  Week 90:17:13
17  Week 10 (Bonus) Part A0:14:54
18  Week 10 (Bonus) Part B0:16:30

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