Skill Development for Inside and Perimeter Players


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This basketball instructional course is centered around 10 core values every program should be teaching their players. Not only does Coach Eastman demonstrate drills for development, he also delivers a mental philosophy with every drill that helps players adopt the techniques sooner. A very thought provoking and informative course that will have you rivaling some of the best to ever do it when you explain it to your team.

Some Shooting Drills Covered are:

  • Elbow pick up
  • Reverse elbow pick up
  • Quick square up
  • Quick square up/shot fake
  • Four chair drill and
  • Quick release shots

This outstanding video course prepares coaches to hit the floor and maximize their time and their player’s potential.

1  Intro01:01

Coaching Concepts

2  Course Objectives03:48
3  Key Coaching Concepts10:56
4  6 “Musts” to Create Buy-ins09:55
5  7 Keys for Bigs13:10
6  4 Keys to Improvement03:08
7  The Difference Between Skill Development and Workout03:39
8  6 Keys to a Quality Skill Development Program02:21
9  4 Must Haves in Drill Work06:21


10  Elbow Pick-up01:17
11  Reverse Elbow Pick-up00:35
12  Quick Square-ups00:58
13  Quick Square-ups Shot Fake01:59
14  Quick Release Jump Shots03:13
15  Four Chair Shooting Drill04:25
16  Eight Man Pass and Rotate04:01
17  Pass, Reverse, Replace, Lay-up01:52
18  One-on-One Baseline Touch01:46
19  One-on-One Attack01:00
20  Two-on-One Attack00:46
21  Survivor01:13
22  Bigs Baseline Touch01:09
23  Conclusion01:24

KevinEastmanKevin EastmanOwner & President of Kevin Eastman Basketball, Co-Founder of Coaching U LIVEFollow

Kevin Eastman was named Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Clippers in June 2014. Prior to this role, Kevin served as Assistant Coach to Head Coach Doc Rivers for 10 years (9 years with the Boston Celtics, and one year with the Los Angeles Clippers). He also continues his long relationship with Nike as the national director of Nike’s skill development programs for elite high school and college players. Eastman has served for 22 years as an assistant or head college basketball coach.