Scramble the attackers head and become a lockdown defender!


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Learn the powerful psychological secrets to read the attacker that are guarenteed to imporve the performance of any player Improve your defense in an instant! Want more playing time, more kudos, more exposure, more recognition?  Then you’ve come to the right place! You need a program that understands how to unlock the potential inside your mind and give you the secrets that aren’t taught anywhere else in the world!  You need a program that is easy to follow, easy to digest and is accessible from anywhere where you have WI-Fi or 4G. The program integrates the results from a research project filming 200 players from amateur to pro, the eye-opening results from the analysis of 1000 clips, combined with over 30 years playing experience, PLUS you get the instructional videos, the manual and my undivided support. You see, most player’s are taught the basics of defense, how to move for example but nobody teaches you how to think and where to focus.  Most players aren’t aware they have this ability inside them and there aren’t any coaching programs that teach you how to unlock these perceptions!  So how are you supposed to get the very best out of yourself if you don’t know how great you can be and you aren’t aware of how to unlock these secrets?  More importantly, how can you, as a player grow and develop when there are things hidden away from you?  You have to have access to something new, something that understands you, something you can understand and something that will give you an edge over your competitors You Need the LockDown Defender Program!  I will give you access to the research, a training manual to monitor your quick development, my 30 plus years experience and the video lessons to support your development Then you can go away and begin your transformation really quickly!

1  Welcome and Introduction


2  The secret codes – revealed!
3  Your Manual with more secret stuff


4  #1 – Scramble The Attackers Head
5  #2 – Stop the cross over
6  #3 – How to really play the passing lanes
7  #4 – Steal, steal, steal!
8  #5 – Post Play
9  #6 – Box out like a beast

MikeNicholsMike Nichols The Lockdown defender!

Won a National Schools Championship Represented England U19’s as a 17 year old was voted an All Star in National League Division One Was known as a lock down defender Created the Winning Sports Minds Coaching Mastery Programs Studied Emotional Intelligence (Evaluating Truth and Credibility) Coached Professionally