Read & React Offense: Quick Hitters


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This course contains 35 base R&R Entries, plus lots of options from those starting points.

When all is said and done, with the options, you’ll have 110 Quick Hitter Entries. Of the 110, there are at least 30 Entries for every formation – 5 OUT, 4 OUT, or 3 OUT. No matter what your formation preference, you’ll have plenty of options. Plus, there are 17 Baseline In Bounds Quick Hitters. Remember, the Read & React can help you communicate complicated five-player actions with very few words – and these 128 quick hitters will help train your players to string the layers together in increasing complexity.

1  Introduction0:05:18
2  5-Out Quick Hitters: 1-150:07:07
3  5-Out Quick Hitters: 16-310:07:24
4  4-Out Quick Hitters: 32-460:07:43
5  4-Out Quick Hitters: 47-620:07:21
6  4-Out Quick Hitters: 63-760:06:54
7  3-Out Quick Hitters: 77-930:07:27
8  3-Out Quick Hitters: 94-1090:07:24
9  BOBs: 110-1170:07:21
10  BOBs: 118-1280:07:20

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