Offensive Skill Development Against Pressure


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Make the most of your time, space and players to maximize your skill development periods.

  • Get drills for training players to score or find the open shooter off of dribble penetration
  • Teach your players to counter ball screen defense and create scoring options
  • Learn how to teach actions instead of drills to improve your motion offense

with Kermit Davis,
Middle Tennessee State University Head Men’s Basketball Coach;
2017 Conference USA Tournament and Regular Season Champions; led his teams to six conference championship titles in eight years (three Conference USA and three Sun Belt titles);
2017 Conference USA Coach of the Year (sixth overall Coach of the Year honor, including back-to-back Sun Belt Conference Coach of the Year awards in 2012-13)

Kermit Davis shows you a strategy for skill development that is perfect for any high school coach. As a coach that knows how to win, Coach Davis demonstrates what it takes to develop highly skilled post and perimeter players.

Whether its full court or half court, Coach Davis will help you teach your players how to get better under pressure, read their defender, and utilize screening actions using both hands. You’ll also see how your team can get more reps in each drill by using multiple balls. These drills focus on improving fundamentals, dribble penetration, ball screens, and concepts related to motion offense.

Individual Skills

Improve the abilities of your players by strengthening basic fundamentals such as dribbling, passing, and scoring off of post moves. Coach Davis uses white board demonstration and practice footage to show you the technique being emphasized in these drills. The Full Court Pullback Dribble drill teaches a valuable move in creating space against pressure defenses. Your players will learn how to score in the paint with the Post Work drill that demonstrates multiple moves on the block.

Penetration & Kick

The Shot Fake drill series will teach your players to set defenders up for the drive, then finish with a scoring move or pass to an open teammate. Your players will tighten up their handle and touch on lob passes with the Perimeter Dribble Moves drill. The Swing Shooting drill emphasizes making the next pass along the perimeter to the open shooter.

Ball Screens

Your players will train the various ways they can use ball screens based on the look the defense is giving them through four different breakdown drills. The 2-on-0 Ball Screening drill will improve your players’ ability to refuse screens, hit the pocket pass, slip versus overplays, and utilize the pick and pop. The Middle Slips and High Series gives you an example of breaking down a piece of your offense to get skill work out of an action you run in games.

Motion Offense

Four different drills will develop your team’s skill level at using off-ball screens in the motion offense. Coach Davis shares “Dribble Follows,” his favorite motion breakdown drill. This all-purpose drill will improve your players’ dribbling, footwork, pivoting, passing, cutting, screening and post moves. In this segment, you will also learn how to play off of down screens and flare screens with breakdown shooting drills.

Coach Davis gives you everything you need to know about developing your players’ offensive skills against pressure. You’ll learn how to use multiple balls in your skill development program, how to incorporate both your perimeter and post players together, and how to use a ball screen on offense.

By the start of your next season, your opponents won’t have any luck applying pressure against your highly skilled players!

“The way Coach Davis incorporates multiple balls into his drills really will aid me in the development of my basketball program. It will help ensure that my players always stay engaged in the drills. The way he structure his simple, but effective drills against pressure is good for players at the intermediate stage and above” – Customer Review