John Calipari: Breakdown Drills for the Dribble Drive Motion Offense


  • Teach the dribble drive with fast-paced, intense drills
  • Learn how to make your drills more demanding
  • Run your dribble drive offense at its highest level
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with John Calipari,
University of Kentucky Head Coach;
2X Naismith National Coach of the Year (1996, 2008);
Third Winningest Active NCAA Coach (.761 winning percentage);
One of five coaches in NCAA Division I history to take two different schools to the No. 1 ranking
The Dribble Drive Motion Offense is a 94-foot assault on the basket. John Calipari shows you how to build this mentality every day in your basketball practice using his favorites dribble drive drills.

Each competitive drill contains sprinting, passing, and hard-line drives to the rim. Calipari’s attack drills will provide your offense with opportunities to score in the open floor. He runs all of these drills in a quick, fast and intense manner, requiring maximum effort and focus.

Unique factors such as peer pressure, specific conditions and time restraints make each of these drills demanding. All of these drills fit into the dribble drive puzzle and are required to make the machine work at its highest level. Use these dribble drive drills to score in the half and full court on a consistent basis.

67 minutes. 2009.