Innovative Ball Handling Drills for Building Explosive Guards


  • Learn how to develop core strength and balance while practicing essential ballhandling skills
  • Maximize practice time by incorporating ballhandling with agility training
  • Learn how to utilize PVC pipe, speed ladders, chairs and skill stations to decrease your turnovers
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with Charles Glotta,
Fort Zumwalt North (MO) Head Boys Basketball Coach;
Save practice time by using drills that combine ballhandling skills with performance training.

Charles Glotta shows the unique ballhandling drills that he has used over the last 20 years to turn struggling programs into successful ones. In this on-court demonstration, he shares strategies to help players become better ball handlers while also working on strength, quickness and balance.

Coach Glotta begins the workout by introducing a creative way to develop core strength and balance using PVC pipe. The exercise also improves dribbling and passing skills. Players stand on the pipes and stay in a low, athletic position to maintain balance as they complete a series of two ball dribbling drills. The pipes are then used to complete a set of standard passing drills. Each of these drills requires the player to execute proper fundamentals in both passing and dribbling, with the added element of using the pipe to learn how to control their body.

As the workout progresses, Coach Glotta pulls out speed ladders. In this series, players continue working on their two ball dribbling series while navigating their way through a grueling series of footwork drills on the ladder. This challenging set of ballhandling drills is an effective way to develop dribbling techniques and while developing foot speed.

Next, Coach Glotta has players work with two balls in forward and backward movement drills that simulate more game-like situations. The workout doesn’t stop there. More props are added as Coach Glotta pulls out a set of chairs, arranges them in a diamond formation and puts the players through a series of one-ball attack moves that lead to shots. Again, this is a game-like drill that requires players to put the previous drill actions into play.

You’ll also see how Coach Glotta sets up stations for all previously mentioned drills so they can be implemented in 15 minutes or less. These stations can be used during the season or pre-season to help develop players’ ballhandling skills.

As an added bonus, Coach Glotta demonstrates a challenging drill he uses for the three-point shot. The drill is used to determine which of his players gets the green light to shoot from behind the arc.

This must-have DVD offers multiple ballhandling drills that will keep your workouts fun and engaging.

54 minutes. 2014.