The Coach as a Leadership Educator


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by Dr. Cory Dobbs

You don’t have to be a high-profile coach to know that your job includes the influential role of leadership educator. Ultimately you are a large part, in many cases the indispensable part, of the student-athlete’s educational experience that involves a wide-range of social learning experiences. The majority of athletes need guidance to develop and shape their capacity in teamwork and leadership.

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[wpcd_coupon id=undefined]As a leadership educator your main task is to create an environment in which student-athletes can engage with leadership experiences and learn how to become team leaders.

The following Seven Conditions are helpful for creating an emotionally safe dynamic teaching and learning environment favorable to an experiential approach to leadership development.

• Student-athletes need to feel comfortable with the concepts and tasks of a role as a team leader.
• Student-athletes need to know the expectations of the role of team leader.
• Student-athletes need permission to make mistakes.
• Student-athletes should have a sense of purpose—understanding how their performance impacts the team.
• Student-athletes need guidance to develop an awareness of their leadership strengths and weaknesses.
• Student-athletes need ways to monitor their leadership behaviors. Feedback from players and coaches is vital.
• Student-athletes need ways to learn the complex practice of self-reflection leading to self-awareness.