Encyclopedia of Blocker Mover Offense


Encyclopedia of Blocker Mover Offense

In 2009 Tony Bennett brought his father’s infamous Blocker Mover offense to the University of Virginia and ACC play. Bennett arrived at Virginia after a successful stint at Washington State University. Tony Bennett’s father, Dick Bennett, is a legendary coach who amassed almost 500 career wins. He was the Head Coach at Wisconsin Stevens-Point, Green Bay, University of Wisconsin and Washington State University.

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The ACC is considered the premier conference in the country and critics lamented that Tony’s Bennett deliberate style of play and methodical execution wouldn’t be able to cut it. Those critics couldn’t of been more wrong. All’s Virginia has done was win an unfathomable 51 out of their past 58 games. They’ve only lost 5 ACC conference games in the past 2 seasons.

Virginia has also won back-back ACC Regular Season Championships and won the 2014 ACC Tournament after trouncing Jabari Parker and Duke in the final. The Virginia Cavaliers scored at a rate of almost 111 points-per-possession during this past season. That number would of been good enough to lead the NBA in offensive efficiency last season.

Virginia’s offense is predicated on reading screens and reacting to how the defense plays you. They set great screens, move well without the ball and deliver perfectly-timed passes to cutters at various spots on the floor. This playbook breaks everything down and gives you an in-depth look at the X’s and O’s behind the Virginia Cavalier offensive system.

You can learn their motion offense that their entire offense is contrived from. The playbook has many plays to run against a zone, on baseline out of bounds opportunities and in late game situations. The playbook is also filled with many after-time out plays drawn straight from Tony Bennett’s clipboard and many great baseline-out of bounds