Archie Miller and 2017 NCAA Tournament – Best Man Offense Playbooks


Learn the most effective plays to run against a man defense from the 2017 NCAA Tournament Coaches.

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eBook #1, Archie Miller Playbook

Archie Miller is one of the hottest coaches in college basketball. Widely regarded as one of the best young coaches in college basketball, Miller is a relentless recruiter, developer of talent, and a brilliant tactician whose teams are known for their stout defense and efficient offense. The 38-year-old Miller, the head coach at Dayton, has taken over one of the most storied college basketball programs, University of Indiana.

The offense will always be on the run offensively. They execute in the half-court and full-court which means a lot of movement and pace. The Dayton Flyers teams were known for great ball movement and unselfishness. You will see player movement, flow and an attacking, aggressive style of play. They knock down three-pointers against man and zone defense too.

In this playbook, you will receive: In the Archie Miller Dayton Flyers Playbook, you will get 73 pages of half court set plays vs. man/zone defense, baseline out of bounds, sideline out of bounds and late game situations, used by one of the best coaches in the country.

eBook #2 2017 NCAA Tournament–Best Man Offense Playbook

The 2017 NCAA Tournament – Best Man Offense Playbook contains 144 plays from all 68 teams that participated in the 2017 NCAA Tournament.

After watching nearly every offensive possession from all 67 games of the 2017 NCAA tournament, these 144 plays were chosen for being the most effective plays to run against a man defense. Included are a number of plays from legendary coaches like Roy Williams, Mark Few, and John Calipari as they continue to lead their programs to high levels of success. But also included are numerous plays from some of the lower-seeded coaches like Chris Mack, Kermit Davis, and Frank Martin who were able to lead their teams to some upsets throughout the tournament.

No matter what kind of play you’re looking for, this playbook will certainly have it. You will find plays to get a three point shot; plays to get someone open on the block; plays to isolate your best player, and plays to run when the clock is winding down.

And all of them can be easily introduced into your own personal playbook right away.

Don’t delay. Next season will be here before you know it.

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