Duke Basketball: Quick Hitting Actions for Motion Offense



  • Learn 10 proven quick-hitting actions you can use in your motion offense
  • Turn one initial read of the defense into ten options that have a total of over 50 scoring opportunities
  • Learn to customize these actions to fit your personnel and enhance your scoring opportunities


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Chris Collins, Duke Northwestern University Head Coach;
former University Associate Head Coach;
Assistant US Olympic Men’s Coach at the 2012 London and 2008 Beijing Games (Gold Medals); Collins, who works primarily with Duke’s backcourt players, has worked with Jason Williams (2x National Player of the Year and 2x First Team All American), J.J. Redick (2x National Player of the Year and 2x All American), Chris Duhon, Daniel Ewing, Gerald Henderson, Jon Scheyer, Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith

Through decades of being one of the top programs in the country, Duke’s game has changed and developed multiple times, yet always with the same result: success. In this DVD, former Duke player and long-time assistant Chris Collins, takes to the court to teach you Duke’s highly effective quick-hitting action set.

Actions are an elevated form of traditional play calling. They are fast-paced, short executions based on quick reads of the defense. In this DVD, Coach Collins takes one basic transition setup and-based on an initial read-turns it into over 50 different scoring opportunities.

These actions-with no pattern of passes or repetitive movements-do not provide the defense time to get set and predict your team’s next step, because your team is already taking the open shot.

Each action set is based on the very first pass your point guard makes. From there, your team will have between four to six options to create a structured, yet flowing scoring opportunity. You will learn 10 sound, fundamentally strong movements that will improve your team’s basketball play:

Attack the defense by passing ahead in transition with the “Wide” and “Corner” sets – These plays attack the defense before it has an opportunity to set up and offers support with help defenders.
Use a dribble entry to the wing to initiate “Exchange” and “Shallow” sets – These plays counter aggressive wing denial with hand-offs and ball screens to force the defense to scramble on the weak side.
Use the post players to counter defensive pressure in “Release” and “Flash” sets – When defenses overplay guards to raise pressure, they are also making themselves vulnerable to back cuts with the help of post flashes for a new passing option.
Create player and ball movement with “Through” and “Circle” sets – Movement is what will create passing and scoring opportunities. These sets prevent your team from standing around.
Force action on the weak side of the court with screens in the “Up” and “Down” sets – These sets occupy help defenders immediately and also encourage a quick ball reversal which increases scoring opportunities.
Due to the variety and options in these actions, you will be able to directly adapt each action or modify it with minimum effort, to adjust to your individual players’ strengths. This allows you to take advantage of each of your player’s strongest assets and give them high-percentage opportunities to score.
Coach Collin’s strength lies in his precise and articulate teaching style. Through the use of players on the court, the Duke quick-hitting action set is easy learn and understand. It is a must-have for any high school, college, or professional coach.

With Duke’s quick-hitting action set, your team will become a fast-paced scoring machine that’s nearly impossible to scout and prepare for.

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