Bob Knight: Essential Drills for Building a Championship Program


  • Teach your players to think and react using quick drills that simulate game-like situations
  • Over 25 fundamental situations are covered
  • This set includes over 50 game clips that emphasize Coach Knight's fundamentals so you can see his teaching play out in a live setting
  • Includes a pdf version of the two books Coach Knight authored with Pete Newell; Basketball: Volume 1 and Basketball: Volume II
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with Bob Knight,
former head coach at Texas Tech and Indiana University;
Over 900 career wins,
3X National Championship Coach,
Five Final 4 appearances;
4X National Coach of the Year;
1984 US Men’s Olympic Coach (Gold Medal)
When it comes to teaching basketball fundamentals no one does it better than Bob Knight. In this jam packed 2-disc bundle, Knight delivers all the tools you need to develop skills for offense, defense, conversion and rebounding.

Coach Knight shares his philosophy on practice and how you can go about making each one as efficient as the next.

Developing a great conversion game is based on two simple rules: Getting back on defense quicker than your opponent and getting the ball up the floor as fast as possible on offense. Knight demonstrates drills to work on these areas and increases the pressure of the drills by adding “thinking components” to them.

Mental Toughness
In every drill Knight demonstrates, focus and “observation” are paramount to its success. Not only are the drills physically demanding, but also mentally exhausting. With 20 innovative drills designed to prepare your players for the pressure of the game, it is easy to see why Coach Knight is the all-time winningest head coach in Division I Men’s Basketball.

Fundamental Offensive Drills
Knight teaches the importance of quick, fast-thinking passing drills to stress communication, action and thinking. He shows competitive shooting drills that turn up the pressure on the shooter and are executed at game speed. He teaches the value of the free throw and the importance of spacing, screening and cutting within any offense.

Fundamental Defensive Drills
Coach Knights demonstrates his 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 help & recover drills and how to defend, score and rebound at the post position.

Over 50 game clips are shown covering effective offensive rebounding as well as good block outs.

As a bonus, you will receive Coach Knight’s Clinic I (retail value $60). Filmed in Indiana in 1983, this clinic features more thoughts on winning theory. This clinic is no longer available for purchase anywhere.

Regardless of what level you coach, this 2-disc bundle is guaranteed to provide you with techniques and concepts you can use to build a successful program.

Parts of this DVD set were produced at the spring 2010 Tunica (MS) and Las Vegas (NV) Championship Basketball clinics.

3 DVDs (201+ minutes). 2011.