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Better Basketball first gained its notoriety with Rick Torbett’s player development series which cultivates the fundamental skills of basketball.

This course covers everything you need to learn or coach the progression of the Free Throw.  Over the first 40 minutes, Coach Torbett covers every part of developing a dependable Free Throw. He covers mental preparation, mechanics, a ritual to stay calm and confident, and all the drills needed to implement this vital skill.

As a Bonus, the course provides NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry teaching his underhanded Free Throw technique on the court with a young player.  The course concludes with a wide-ranging 40-minute interview where Barry talks at length about the importance of the Free Throw and how he arrived at using the underhanded Free Throw technique.

1  Introduction0:03:36
2  Ingredients for Success0:01:06
3  Motivation0:01:15
4  Realistic Expectations0:01:28
5  Shooting Mechanics0:02:33
6  Alignment0:03:37
7  After the Whistle Attitude0:02:22
8  Finding the Groove0:02:41
9  Why a Pre-Shot Ritual?0:06:16
10  The Free Throw Ritual0:06:22
11  Practice Comments0:02:43
12  Drills & Reasons Why0:07:59
13  Conclusion0:00:35


14  Rick Barry – Part 1 – The Underhand Free Throw0:09:46
15  Rick Barry – Part 2 – More Unique Technique0:03:31
16  Rick Barry – Part 3 – Underhand Youth Development0:03:40
17  Rick Barry – Part 4 – Final Free Throw Thoughts0:02:12
18  Rick Barry – Part 5 – Sit Down Interview0:39:44

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