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Give your young players the resources they need to build the confidence that will give them a life-long love of basketball! Featuring over 130 basketball drills and tips with instructional videos developed specifically for youth players, The Basketball Skills and Drills Library gives parents, coaches, and team volunteers all of the technical expertise they need to help kids learn about the game and maximize their potential. These instructional coaching videos will help you experience the joy of bringing passion for the game to a new generation.

Basketball Dribbling: Basics

1  Basketball Dribbling: Warm-up Dribbling Drill0:01:55
2  Basketball Fundamentals: Triple Threat to Ball Handling, Part 10:01:31
3  Basketball Fundamentals: Triple Threat to Ball Handling, Part 20:01:28
4  Basketball Fundamentals: Ball Handling0:01:40
5  Basketball Dribbling: Stationary Dribbling Drill0:00:55
6  Basketball Dribbling: Finger Pads for Dribbling0:00:38
7  Basketball Dribbling: Dribbling and Pivoting0:01:57
8  Basketball Dribbling: Protecting the Ball Drill0:01:26
9  Basketball Dribbling: Moving With the Basketball0:01:49
10  Basketball Dribbling: Keep Away Drill0:01:26

Basketball Dribbling: Beyond Basics

11  Basketball Dribbling: Two-Ball Dribbling Drills0:03:40
12  Basketball Dribbling: Dribbling Efficiency Drill0:01:37
13  Basketball Dribbling: Five Dribbling Maneuvers0:05:17
14  Basketball Dribbling: Between-the-Legs Dribble0:00:43
15  Basketball Dribbling: Behind-the-Back Dribble0:00:29
16  Basketball Dribbling: Crossover Dribbling0:01:33
17  Basketball Dribbling: Cross Dribbling0:00:44
18  Basketball Dribbling: Two-Ball Crossover Drill0:00:59

Basketball Passing: Basics

19  Basketball Passing: Passing Basics0:00:57
20  Basketball Passing: Chest Pass Basics0:00:55
21  Basketball Passing: Chest Pass Drill0:01:27
22  Basketball Passing: Bounce Pass0:01:17
23  Basketball Passing: Bounce and Chest Pass Drill0:01:41
24  Basketball Passing: Passing on the Move0:02:04
25  Basketball Passing: Overhead Pass0:01:10

Basketball Passing: Beyond Basics

26  Basketball Passing: Wall-Passing Drill0:01:02
27  Basketball Passing: Bounce and Chest Passes on the Move0:00:57
28  Basketball Passing: Passing Lane Drill0:01:24
29  Basketball Passing: Two-Ball Passing Lane Drill0:01:02
30  Basketball Passing: Pass Around the Defender0:00:42
31  Basketball Passing: Overhead Throw-In0:00:36

Basketball Rebounding

32  Basketball Rebounding: Boxing Out0:02:37
33  Basketball Rebounding: Rebound and Outlet Pass0:01:12
34  Basketball Rebounding: Rebounding Drill0:01:32
35  Basketball Rebounding: Foul Shot Rebounding0:02:03

Basketball Shooting: Basics

36  Basketball Shooting: Triple Threat to Shot0:01:25
37  Basketball Shooting: Shooting Basics0:01:46
38  Basketball Shooting: Breaking Down the Shot0:01:51
39  Basketball Shooting: Release and Follow-Through0:01:15
40  Basketball Shooting: The Non-Shooting Hand0:01:57
41  Basketball Shooting: Basic Shooting Drill0:00:53
42  Basketball Shooting: Dribble to Layup Transition0:02:54
43  Basketball Shooting: Right-Handed Layup0:02:19
44  Basketball Shooting: Left-Handed Layup0:02:02
45  Basketball Shooting: Two-Ball Layup Drill0:01:53
46  Basketball Shooting: Shooting Contest0:00:51

Basketball Shooting: Beyond Basics

47  Basketball Shooting: Catch and Shoot0:01:42
48  Basketball Shooting: Mikan Layup Drill0:01:33
49  Basketball Shooting: Jump Stop0:01:12
50  Basketball Shooting: Shot Fake0:01:16
51  Basketball Shooting: Low Post Shots0:01:10
52  Basketball Shooting: How to Shoot Free Throws0:00:49
53  Basketball Shooting: How to Shoot a Jump Hook0:00:52

Basketball Offense: Point Guard Drills

54  Point Guard: Intro0:01:21
55  Point Guard: 2 Steps Layups Drill0:02:05
56  Point Guard: Toss Out Layups Drill0:02:39
57  Point Guard: Attack The Quick Help0:02:48
58  Point Guard: Finishing Moves in the Paint0:02:23
59  Point Guard: Wrist Rockers0:04:53
60  Point Guard: 2 Step Change of Directions0:03:43
61  Point Guard: Cone Line Attacks0:02:23
62  Point Guard: Retreat to Re-attack0:02:41
63  Point Guard: 2 Ball Scoring0:02:19
64  Point Guard: Consequence Shooting0:02:52
65  Point Guard: Quick Shots0:02:13
66  Point Guard: Diamond Cones0:02:26
67  Point Guard: Shots From Separation0:02:32
68  Point Guard: Side Pick and Roll Shooting0:01:53

Basketball Defense

69  Basketball Defense: Defensive Stance0:02:01
70  Basketball Defense: Footwork0:00:51
71  Basketball Defense: Defensive Slide0:01:39
72  Basketball Defense: One-Pass Away Defense0:02:57
73  Basketball Defense: Defending the Ball Handler0:02:09
74  Basketball Defense: Defending the Post0:01:46
75  Basketball Defense: Defending the Cutter0:01:56

Girls’ Basketball

76  Girls’ Basketball: V-Cut0:01:29
77  Girls’ Basketball: Trapping0:00:57
78  Girls’ Basketball: Team Defense0:01:31
79  Girls’ Basketball: Swim Manuever0:01:15
80  Girls’ Basketball: Rebounding Drill0:00:57
81  Girls’ Basketball: Pick & Roll0:01:42
82  Girls’ Basketball: Outside Shooting0:01:10
83  Girls’ Basketball: Offensive Positioning0:01:33
84  Girls’ Basketball: Fouls Defined0:00:32
85  Girls’ Basketball: Five Spot Shooting0:01:12
86  Girls’ Basketball: Elbow Jumpers0:01:08
87  Girls’ Basketball: Decision Making0:01:48
88  Girls’ Basketball: Boxing Out0:01:18
89  Girls’ Basketball: Beating the Trap0:01:35
90  Girls’ Basketball: Back Door Cut0:01:10

Strength and Conditioning

91  Pre-Hab Workout0:02:13
92  Warm-Up Drills0:02:56
93  Warm-Up Jump Drill0:01:38
94  Dynamic Flexibility0:03:46
95  Core Drills0:03:35
96  Plyometrics Drill0:03:39
97  Lower Body Strength Drills0:03:44
98  Agility and Reaction Drill0:02:39
99  Quickness and Reaction Drills0:02:23
100  Cool Down Drills0:04:06

Basketball Rules: The Court

101  Basketball Fundamentals: Baseline Introduction0:01:20
102  Basketball Fundamentals: Midcourt Line and Sidelines0:02:51
103  Basketball Fundamentals: Breaking Down the Halfcourt0:00:51

Basketball Rules: On Offense

104  Basketball Rules: Start-Stop Double Dribble0:00:48
105  Basketball Rules: Two-Hand Double Dribble0:00:38
106  Basketball Rules: Palming Violation0:00:31
107  Basketball Rules: Pivot Foot Violation 0:00:34
108  Basketball Rules: Backcourt Pass Violation0:00:43
109  Basketball Rules: Backcourt Violation0:00:45
110  Basketball Rules: Throw-in Violation0:00:44
111  Basketball Rules: Five-Second Rule on Throw-ins0:00:58
112  Basketball Rules: Inbounds Pass Violation0:01:06
113  Basketball Rules: Five-Second Violation0:01:09
114  Basketball Rules: Three-Second Violation0:02:28
115  Basketball Rules: The Foul Lane0:01:56
116  Basketball Rules: Offensive Foul Shot Violation0:00:49
117  Basketball Rules: Swinging Elbows Violation0:00:58
118  Basketball Rules: Charging Foul0:00:36
119  Basketball Rules: Illegal Screen0:01:03
120  Basketball Rules: Time-Out Hand Signals0:00:56
121  Basketball Rules: Official’s Hand Signals0:01:05

Basketball Rules: On Defense

122  Basketball Rules: Hand Contact Fouls0:01:00
123  Basketball Rules: Block/Charge Call0:02:45
124  Basketball Rules: Blocking Foul0:01:04
125  Basketball Rules: Over-the-Back Foul0:00:31
126  Basketball Rules: Pushing Foul0:00:35
127  Basketball Rules: Pushing Back Foul0:00:27
128  Basketball Rules: Off-the-Ball Foul0:00:38
129  Basketball Rules: Fouling the Screener0:00:28
130  Basketball Rules: Foul Shooter Violation0:01:04
131  Basketball Rules: Defensive Foul Shot Violation0:00:53
132  Basketball Rules: Defensive Throw-in Violation0:00:54

Basketball Coach’s Corner: Player Talk

133  Basketball Coach’s Corner: Player Talk0:01:15
134  Basketball Coach’s Corner: Practice Philosophy0:02:13
135  Basketball Coach’s Corner: Parent Talk0:01:05

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This course features many excellent basketball coaches. See their credentials below…

About Danielle Nicol:
Danielle Nicol is the varsity girl’s basketball coach at Uniondale High School. In addition, she’s the president of the Nassau County Girl’s Basketball Coaches Association. In the 2007-2008 season, she led her team to the quarterfinals of the Nassau.

About Alan Stein:
Alan Stein is the owner of Stronger Team and one of the world’s top basketball specific strength & conditioning coaches. Alan brings a wealth of valuable experience to his training arsenal after years of extensive work.

About Jim Datka:
Jim Datka, a coaching veteran of over 20 years, is the head boys’ basketball coach of Messmer High School in Milwaukee. He arrived at Messmer after spending three seasons as an assistant coach at St. Francis College (N.Y.) from 2005-08.

About Bill Sacco:
Bill Sacco’s life is ruled by the rules. He is a veteran basketball official in the New York area and has officiated NCAA Division I women’s basketball since 1998.

About Bob Schurtz:
Bob Schurtz is head coach of the boys’ varsity basketball team at West Windsor-Plainsboro South High School in West Windsor, N.J. In 2009, he led his team to the Central Jersey Group IV championship.

About Ahmad Clayton:
Ahmad Clayton has been the Director of Basketball Operations for ‘Hoopmasters’ since 2000. He is also Director of the Athletes Intervention Program for Assemblies in Motions, a program for at-risk youth.

About Bill Thom:
Over the last 24 seasons, Bill Thom has been a basketball coach at Croton-Harmon High School in Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y. He has won over 300 games as head coach of the boys’ varsity squad.

About Sasha Vujacic:
Sasha Vujacic has played professional basketball since he was 16 and has played guard for the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers since the 2004-05 season.