AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Perimeter Player Skill Development


  • Learn effective perimeter player workouts that will build ballhandling, passing and shooting skills
  • Make the most of your workout time with skill development drills that simultaneously improve conditioning
  • Features back-to-back Final Four coach Sherri Coale
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Featuring Sherri Coale, University of Oklahoma Head Women’s Basketball Coach;
10x Big 12 Conference Champions (six regular season and four tournament); Back-to-Back NCAA Final Four appearances (2009-2010); 2002 NCAA Runners-up
Basketball is a team game, but your players need individual skills to perform their best – and to help your team succeed.

University of Oklahoma Women’s Basketball Coach Sherri Coale provides a smorgasbord of 20+ individual skill developmental drills that stress the importance of grooming fundamental skills prior to players entering a team-based environment.

This DVD includes a great ballhandling progression that takes your players through stationary ballhandling drills such as pounding the ball, figure eights, wrap arounds, and 2-ball drills. This builds up to more complex drills that help develop trust in the hands while keeping your eyes looking up the floor.

Passing & Catching
Perimeter players need to become familiar with multiple passing options beyond the basic chest or bounce pass. Coale details how to teach your players to use their feet and catch the ball in a triple threat position, putting them into catch-and-shoot position as soon as the ball is received. Partner passing, shooting off of down-screens, up-screens, and flare-screens are also on display.

The DVD wraps up with how to properly develop players to shoot game shots, at game spots, at game speed. Coale takes you through the basic screening and cutting action to get your best shooters open and in position to score when you need them. She perfects the concepts of setting a down screen, back screen, flare screen, and pin screen so your players learn how to execute a game shot playing at their speed.

If you are looking to help your players develop the necessary fundamental skills to be successful at any level, look no further. Order now!

This series of videos was produced by Championship Productions in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).

78 minutes. 2012.