Roy Williams: Breakdown Drills for Individual and Team Defense


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Improve your team’s half court pressure defense with two-time NCAA champion coach, Roy Williams.

  • Discover individual and team drills that will help build your man-to-man defense
  • Learn how to pressure the ball handler, deny passes and guard the low post in the half-court
  • Learn the proper rotations to stop baseline dribble penetration
with Roy Williams,
University of North Carolina Head Coach;
Distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2007);
2x National Championship Coach (2009, 2005), 2011 ACC Coach of the Year,
11x NCAA Tournament appearances, 7 Final Four appearances; 2x AP Coach of the YearGuarding the ball is one of the most difficult tasks in the game of basketball. From traditional defensive drills to new concept drills, two-time NCAA national champion Roy Williams guides you through defensive details that he has picked up through his years of coaching experience. He shares the Tar Heels’ most effective individual and team drills that will help you build a championship caliber program. Together, the drills build the UNC “22” half court defense. The objectives of the defense are to steal the ball, force a bad shot, or take the opponent out of their offense.

Any good defense must start with defenders in a basic stance. Coach Williams demonstrates how he teaches a basic stance to his players at the beginning of the season to help improve their lateral quickness. Everything starts with on-ball defense. The dribbler must constantly be under pressure and cannot go where they want to go. You’ll learn three drills that improve the technique, lateral quickness and explosiveness of your players that will help them stay in front of a ball handler. Off the ball, help-side defense is key to disrupting your opponents’ plays. If they cannot make a pass, everything falls apart. In the “Mine Field Drill”, defenders learn to weave through multiple screens. The “Deny-Help-Deny Drill” teaches proper positioning and how to sprint from help position to deny. The third drill in this fundamental series will teach players to close out, as well as the ability to help off of their man.

In 4v4 and 5v5 defense, Coach Williams combines on-and-off ball pressure to create game-like situations. Coach Williams runs through each position and their objectives, which include pressuring the ball, denying the next pass, closing out, and stepping in from help side. The Tar Heels make a point of not allowing any baseline drives. Your players will learn to become better defenders as they use drills from one of the best coaches in the game today.

With each segment, Coach Williams adds more to every drill until his practice culminates in 5v5 full-court transition defense. Each drill brings out players’ pride, as Coach Williams drives them to “guard their yard.”

Playing intense defense has won Coach Williams two national championships. Whether you are a long time coach looking for a new drill or concept, or a beginning coach that’s just starting out, this DVD will help improve your team’s defensive pressure.

Produced at the Spring 2015 Myrtle Beach (SC) clinic.

75 minutes. 2015.