Mike Fratello: Planning and Executing Special Situations


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Mike Fratello, 18th Winningest NBA Coach with 667 wins,
NBA Analyst, Ukraine National Basketball Coach

NBA Analyst Mike Fratello uses on-court demonstrations to provide you with end of the game situations, free throw situations, opening tip situations, and out of bounds situations allowing you to prepare your players to “steal a basket” in any situation.

Coach Fratello uses his vast knowledge of the game of basketball to give you the upper hand against any opponent at home or on the road. He will make you think about your special situation philosophy, how often you practice, how you teach your players, how you prepare your staff, and how you organize your plays to be successful during a game.

Master these special situations:

  • Opening Tip Plays – Three options to gain an advantage right from the opening tip. This is a great opportunity to catch teams off guard, quiet a crowd if your playing an important road game, or get your crowd rocking if your playing at home.
  • Free Throw Situations – Coach Fratello diagrams three free throw situations that will help you get a quick bucket off of a missed free throw.
  • End of the Game Plays – Learn four end of game plays guaranteed to get an open look for the shooter you want and boost your team’s ability to beat any defense your opponent throws at you.

This is a great DVD for any coach who is looking to gain an advantage at the beginning of a game, during free throw situations, or that end of the game. Prepare your team to get the bucket you need, when you need it!