All Access Bucknell Basketball Practice



  • Get break down drills for the Ball Screen Motion Offense that will improve your team’s shooting and comfort level in the offense
  • Implement 12 different options of the “Buckeye” Ball Screen Motion Offense
  • See variations of 5-on-5 mini scrimmages to create a swarming defense
  • Features 2003 National Championship Coach (Williams College) Dave Paulsen


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Dave Paulsen,
Bucknell University Head Coach; 2011 Patriot League Coach of the Year;
2x D-III National Coach of the Year, 2003 National Championship Coach (Williams College)
Two-time National Coach of the Year Dave Paulsen displays his superior teaching ability and his attention to detail in this All Access DVD.

Coach Paulsen’s practices are a great example of efficiency and preparation. Every drill, whether the aim is to improve passing or shooting, is a breakdown drill for their “Buckeye” or Ball Screen Motion Offense. Every 5-on-5 mini-scrimmage has a different twist to emphasize taking care of the ball and heighten defensive intensity. Every defensive drill – from closeout to rebounding to shell drill – includes an element of Paulsen’s “Buckeye” motion offense.

A great example is the 4-on-0 shooting drill. In teams of four, players work on every option, one at a time. The viewer – just like the players – learn Coach Paulsen’s motion offense step-by-step. The team works on 12 different options, from simple pick-and-pop shots, to more intricate reversals into high-low action. These simple drills pop up later when the team goes 5-on-5 and you actually get to see the 4-on-0 drills in action.

In every practice, a big portion is dedicated to variations of competitive 5-on-5 mini-scrimmages. In general the variations are put on the defense, which in return gives the offense different scenarios to face. Paulsen’s focus on defense is to create a swarming defense, giving the offense the impression that the defense “is everywhere.” This further ingrains the players’ understanding of the motion offense and its numerous options.

“Rush” is a 5-on-4-plus-1 disadvantage drill. In “3 consecutive stops” the best defensive team wins, which really puts the pressure on the offense to perform. In “Score Stop,” teams only get points if they can get a defensive stop after a made basket.

In the “Sureness Drill,” teams of 3 battle each other trying to advance the ball without turning it over. In full court, as well as half court settings, the teams play each other in full denial pressure and each players is limited to one dribble at a time.

Coach Paulsen’s shell drills are set up as a progressive drill. In a 4-on-4 setting, getting a stop gets more difficult as the offensive team goes from static passing, to guard cutters (give-and-go), to baseline flashes and post ups.

Coach Paulsen is a great teacher. Whether it is fundamental footwork during passing drills or stopping play during a 5-on-5 scrimmage, Paulsen delivers basketball knowledge at every juncture. This All Access DVD series will make any coach, at any level, better.

391 minutes. (3 DVDs). 2012.