Alan Stein: In-Season Conditioning



  • Break up the monotony of practice with more than 20 in-season conditioning drills
  • Discover new, basketball-specific methods of conditioning that will help limit injuries
  • Improve your basketball quickness, agility and endurance throughout the season


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Alan Stein,
Head Strength & Conditioning coach for the nationally renowned DeMatha Catholic High School boys basketball program;
owner of Stronger Team;
has worked with elite high school, college, and NBA players.
Alan Stein provides a complete in-season conditioning system that is specific in nature to what your players do in a game. This program will allow your team to shoot, pass, rebound and defend at a much higher level from buzzer to buzzer.

Lay the foundation for your workout or practice with this series of warm-up drills that incorporates basketball specific movements. Stein has players demonstrate a series of dynamic flexibility exercises that prepare players for the cutting, jumping and landing that is performed in basketball practices and games. His vertical jump drill not only improves player’s vertical jump, it also improves body control in space, which helps to limits knee and ankle injuries.

Next Stein challenges conventional thinking by “revving up” his warm up with a series of four core exercises that incorporate a basketball and a weighted ball. These exercises will develop basketball strength in your players’ core, shoulders and hips.

Improve the quickness and agility of your athletes with five reactionary drills that emphasize acceleration and deceleration. Stein incorporates tennis balls in his reaction drills to train players to explode from an athletic stance. These drills train acceleration and deceleration skills that will help your player’s on defense, getting rebounds and tracking down loose balls.

Break up the monotony of practice with this series of competitive, fun drills. These drills require athletes to perform in tight angles and cuts, which strengthens the feet and improves mobility in the ankles.

Stein concludes with two ultra-challenging heavy ball drills and four competitive sprint drills, that provide players a fun way to increase conditioning and stamina.

Keep your players in tip-top shape all season long. These drills will build the base for your team’s success – and the broader the base you build, the higher their potential is for success.

Produced at the Fall 2010 Orlando, FL clinic.

69 minutes. 2010.