West Virginia Offensive – Defensive Playbook


Scott Peterman

Are you looking past the simple solution for your team?

The Open Post is a great offense.  It’s used at nearly every level of the game.


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But a lot of coaches I talk to are looking past it for some other solution…

Let’s slow down for a second and look at this again.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider the Open Post if you don’t use it already…(and if you do, how you can use it in more situations)

  • If you have a small (but quick) team, the Open Post should be your best friend.  You’ll need to exploit your opponents weaknesses in order to win.
  • You can turn your undersized players into an advantage, by removing the the low post threats and capitalizing on your perimeter play.
  • Directly related to the above: If you have good penetrators and outside shooters (or can develop them) this becomes a no-brainer
  • When you need to, you can slow the games down and take one advantage away from a bigger, more athletic team.  Delay, delay, delay.
  • It’s a breeze to learn and teach for younger players who haven’t reached a certain level of sophistication or maturity yet.

All of this sounds like solid reasoning for the Open Post to be used a TON in high school or youth sports.

I hope you agree.

If so–and you’ve read this far–I have a surprise for you!

I’ve got the “primer” on the Open Post in a brand new playbook for you…based on the guy who I think “owns” the open post.

West Virginia Head Coach Bob Huggins.

I’ve put together 125 pages of breakdowns and game situations for you!

It looks like this:

Open Post breakdown
Game analysis for Kansas (a BIG part of this playbook)
Texas Tech (yup!)
And an added section on the WV defense.

After reading through this playbook, I hope you’ll see this option for what it is.  A simple, easy-to-implement solution for high school and youth teams.

Let’s NOT over complicate things…

You can grab this BRAND NEW, previously unreleased playbook right here:

West Virginia Offensive/Defensive Playbook

This is one of those playbooks that should be at the core of what we’re doing out there…